Using the Internet to Find Childhood Friends

Author: PeopleFinders on October 23rd, 2018
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It’s natural that you’re going to fall out of touch with people as you grow up. You’ll part ways when someone’s family moves, when someone goes to a different school than you, and when you graduate. All sorts of reasons exist that explain why you might no longer be in contact with an old acquaintance. However, if you’re like most people, you probably think about those childhood friends sometimes. Trying to get back in touch with a friend you last talked to many years ago can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are some easy things you can do to get closer to that old friend.

Use Social Media

There’s no denying that social media is a bigger influence on our lives than ever. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, has over two billion active users, which works out to over a quarter of the world’s population. If you’re looking for someone who grew up with technology, there’s a good chance he or she on one of the popular social media websites, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You can use Facebook as an easy way to collect data for this. If you’re friends with any other people who would’ve known your lost childhood friend, look through their friends list. You may be just one person apart and not even realized it. You can also look through experiences that you shared with your friend, or that you know your friend has taken part in. For example, if you lost touch after high school, you can look up the school on Facebook, and then look through people who’ve stated that they went to that school. Get creative; you never know what you’ll find.

Take to Search Engines

Do you remember your friend’s full name, especially nicknames or middle names? If you have a full name for the person you’re looking for, you can look through search results to see if you can find anything. If you’re fairly young, and you grew up using the internet, you may want to search for some old usernames you remember him or her having back when you were still in contact. You never know where your friend may be reusing usernames, or even just reminiscing about the old days.

The best advice to take away from looking for a friend on search engines is to try as many different things as possible. Do you remember a specific nickname your friends called this person? Try looking up that nickname. What was the name of the town where the two of you met and became friends? Search for a name in combination with the town’s name. Do you know the maiden name of your old friend’s mother? He or she may be using a different last name for whatever reason, and using a mother’s maiden name is a common occurrence in this regard.

Use a People Search Engine

While using Facebook and Google is a good start, you may run out of leads. Your friend may not be using the internet at all, or may just have his or her profiles locked down so completely that you’re never going to be able to find them. That’s why you need PeopleFinders.

If you have an old phone number for your friend, you may be able to use the reverse phone lookup to get identifying information. You can use the people search to find contact information only using a first and last name along with a city and state. Input your friend’s name, then the city and state you knew each other in, and see what comes up! For more ideas on how to effectively find someone you lost years ago, try the PeopleFinders blog for more information on how you can use PeopleFinders in your everyday life.


Finding a long-lost friend can be extremely satisfying, and catching up with someone you never thought you’d see again is often a fun experience. If you want the easiest possible way to find a friend from childhood, forget about using internet search indexes or relying upon a social media network. Instead, just use PeopleFinders. You can find full contact information on anyone that you’re looking for, with information such as a home address and a cell phone number, as well as additional contact information that may include a current email address. It’s easy, fast, and accurate.

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