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coreDo you have older and younger siblings? Does it make you uncertain about your place in the family? Have you ever felt like you received less time and attention? If you’re feeling “stuck in the middle”, then we’ve got the perfect day for you.

August 12 is Middle Children’s Day. It’s a 24-hour event for middle children everywhere. So put away those hand-me-downs and get ready for a day that celebrates the people at the center of any family.


A Reunion For Sisters

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

reunion sistersEven when Carmen was just a little girl, she always wondered why her mother seemed so sad. Carmen would ask now and then, but was always told things were fine. Deep down, however, Carmen knew they weren’t.

At an early age, Carmen learned the difficult truth. Her grandmother died of cancer when her mother was just a little girl. When it happened, Carmen’s mother was sent to live in a new home. Her aunt was sent elsewhere.