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Earl Bradley, The Pediatrician Pedophile, Sentenced

Earl Bradley, the pediatrician who was accused of child molestation, has been sentenced. Bradley was a trusted and respected practitioner in Delaware for many years. In 2009 a shocking accusation led to an investigation of the doctor and his private practice, Baybees Pediatrics. Authorities discovered evidence that turned the local community upside-down and landed the Read More…

A Level 3 Sex Offender Visits An Elementary School

It’s not unusual for a parent to visit their child at school. When 32-year-old Jeffrey D. Smith entered Canandaigua Primary School, he followed the proper procedures. He signed in at the front desk and asked to see his 9-year-old daughter. But something was wrong. This man was not the young girl’s father. The name he Read More…

A Sex Offender Mixes With Royalty

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is under fire for her association with a known sex offender. Her former husband, Prince Andrew, could lose his position as Trade Ambassador due to his connection with a convicted criminal. By now, both probably wish they’d never heard the name Jeffrey Epstein.

Should Amazon Sell A Book About Pedophiles?

The recent release of a book on Amazon.com resulted in anger, outrage and threats. Thousands of people protested the book, and prepared to boycott Amazon if it wasn’t removed. For a while, Amazon held firm. They suggested that refusing to sell a book would be censorship, and said people should be allowed to “make their Read More…

Jaycee Dugard: One Year Later

On August 24, 2009, a registered sex offender named Phillip Garrido entered the University of California in Berkeley with two young girls. He spoke to campus police official Lisa Campbell about hosting an event for his group, “God’s Desire.” Campbell found the trio’s behavior to be highly unusual, and told Garrido to come back the Read More…

A Sex Offender From The Gulf Cleanup Crew Is Accused Of Rape

Last June, Rundy Charles Robertson supervised a group of people who were hired to clean up oil from the beaches of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Among them is a woman who claims Robertson raped her one night after work. Her accusation led to an immediate police investigation. What they found was shocking.

Back To School Safety Tips For Kids

It’s hard to believe, but August is almost half over. Parents everywhere are starting to focus on preparing their children to go back to school. A new semester can be an exciting time. Kids will soon be meeting new people, learning new things and having experiences that will shape the rest of their lives. It’s Read More…

More Schools Require Volunteers To Pass Criminal Background Checks

Have you ever thought about volunteering at a public school? If you were required to pass a criminal background check first, would that encourage or discourage you? Adults across the country are now asked to supply a background report before they’re allowed to volunteer at local schools. It wasn’t always this way. Years ago most Read More…

Should Sex Offenders Have The Right To Travel?

According to a recent report by CNN, several thousand sex offenders in the United States are granted passports each year. This information came directly from a document produced by a Government Accountability Office (GAO).

A Year Of Anyone, Anywhere

On Saturday, May 29 2010, this blog – Anyone, Anywhere – celebrates its one-year anniversary! What a year it’s been! We’ve covered a vast array of topics, brought up ideas on how PeopleFinders can make your life easier and enjoyed reading some opinionated comments from you. A few of our favorite moments include: