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Celebrating Pride: 4 Love Stories You Have to Read

The internet, for all its faults, is an incredible tool that connects us in all kinds of ways. One of the most positive is how it can help anyone find love! The modern age means that someone who has ever been special in your life is never really gone for good because there are always Read More…

How to Throw a Great Class Reunion

Class reunions are a great time for everyone to get back together and talk about how things have been going in the past years. People can meet back up with old friends, talk to people they vaguely remember but want to learn more about, and generally have a good time reminiscing about when they were Read More…

How to Locate Your High School Sweetheart

High school is a time where kids really become adults. Between learning calculus and applying to jobs, most people had a girlfriend or boyfriend that they were crazy about, someone that they really wanted to spend most of their time with, both inside and outside of school. However, life moves on, and almost nobody actually Read More…

How to Find Your Highschool Classmates

For many people, high school was a great time socially. Four years of eight-hour days, usually with all the same people, tends to end up making close friendships. Plenty of people retained those friendships after high school ended, but unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t. Even with the best intentions, you can just fall away Read More…

A Teenager Reunites With The Man Who Saved Her Life

A young woman named Lava Barwari felt extremely lucky to graduate from High School. Not because of difficult courses, too much homework or any of the usual reasons. But because her mother was once on Saddam Hussein’s official “Kill List”, and Lava almost didn’t make it out of Iraq.

My Mother, My Colleague: A Reunion Story

How far would you go to reunite with a long-lost family member? We’ve heard of people travelling across the globe to reconnect, or to meet relatives for the first time. Sometimes, it’s much easier. A woman named La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark didn’t have to go very far to connect with her mother after decades apart.

Craft A New Family Bond With These Fun Kits!

Spending time together after reconnecting with your loved ones can build family relationships that last a lifetime. PeopleFinders has found five great projects that are perfect for helping you craft a new family bond today!

Reconnect. Reunite. Reignite.

At PeopleFinders, we’re all about connections. We can help you find and connect with most anyone in the United States. People use our site every day to find family, friends, classmates or anyone else. Visit us whenever you want to reconnect, reunite or reignite.

Rekindle Past Friendships – Finding Old Classmates

After high school, some of us go to college, move to a new area, join the military, or even get married and start a family. Naturally, old classmates and friends tend to lose contact over the years as life’s changes take them in different directions and to new places. For many of us, high school Read More…

Once You’ve Reconnected…Then What?

Congratulations! Thanks to PeopleFinders.com, you’ve found your old high school sweetheart, classmate, or long lost friend. But now that you’ve made the initial contact, what’s next? For most people, meeting someone they have not seen in years or perhaps decades can present a very nerve-wracking experience. Most people find themselves quite anxious in these situations, Read More…