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Hero Fathers

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

FathersLet’s be real. No dad out there has ever put on a mask and cape, then jumped out of a building to fight costumed villains. But dads across America do heroic deeds every day.

Sure, there are fathers who fight crime, put out fires and save lives. Those men are heroes. But so are the regular dads. The men who work hard, spend time with their families and do whatever it takes to be a good parent.


Horia Cretan bronxbuildingOn September 30, 2009 Horia Cretan was working in the electronics store that he owns in New York. Most of the day went by like any other, but right around 4pm he heard harrowing screams coming from somewhere above him.

Cretan jumped into action. He ran out of his store and raced up the building’s fire escape. Every step he took brought him closer to a raging fire that sent black smoke billowing out of the building and rained shattered glass all over his body.

Despite the danger, something in Horia Cretan kept him moving. When he reached the fourth floor, he helped a man get outside through a window and saw a firefighter with a small boy in an apartment. The boy had inhaled a largeamount of smoke and was barely breathing.