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How to Find a Long-Lost Relative

Family is an important part of anyone’s life, whether they still live at home or they haven’t talked to their family members in many years. Either way, family members have had a part in changing everyone. However, you may have a family member who you loved and cared for when you were younger, but you Read More…

How to Build a Family Tree Online

Every family is a different size. Some nuclear families stick to themselves, only three or four people large, and some families associate with relatives that are so far removed that they’re barely even related anymore! Either way, most people have a fascination with knowing where their family came from, and where they are right now. Read More…

Feel Like You Were Born into the Wrong Family? See If You Were Adopted

Lots of people go through a phase of feeling like they just don’t fit in. But for some, this feeling has persisted throughout most of their life. That’s because they feel like they are completely different from their family. The differences can be little things like you enjoying classical music while your family can’t stand Read More…

Wonder if You Have a Famous Ancestor?

Learning the History of You Researching your genealogy can be one of the most fascinating things for you to explore. Are you a royal or a commoner? Are you related to George Washington or Billy the Kid? Whatever your past and that of your family might be, the history of you can be one of Read More…

Here’s a Scholarship Opportunity You Might Not Have Thought Of

November is Native American Heritage month in the U.S. That makes it the perfect time to learn whether you have any Native American heritage in your family. With PeopleFinders complete database of past public records, it’s easy to view connections your family has to the past. Those connections provide a way to see branching relationships Read More…

My Mother, My Colleague: A Reunion Story

How far would you go to reunite with a long-lost family member? We’ve heard of people travelling across the globe to reconnect, or to meet relatives for the first time. Sometimes, it’s much easier. A woman named La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark didn’t have to go very far to connect with her mother after decades apart.

10 Tips on Getting Through a Messy Divorce

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…well, it doesn’t always work that way. According to the CDC, for every 1,000 people, 6.8 get married, and 3.6 get divorced – that’s more than 50%! If you’re headed for divorce, and don’t know what to expect (who does?), here are some tips to help you get Read More…

A Reunion 60 Years in the Making

For over 60 years Sam Childress, who was raised by his mother Shirley Childress, believed that his father wanted no part in his life. At the same time his father Anthony Trapani, now 81, was completely unaware of the son desperately trying to reach out to him.

Craft A New Family Bond With These Fun Kits!

Spending time together after reconnecting with your loved ones can build family relationships that last a lifetime. PeopleFinders has found five great projects that are perfect for helping you craft a new family bond today!

Holiday Gift Buying With PeopleFinders

The holidays are a great time to shower those you love in gifts, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Never fear though, because PeopleFinders is here to save the day with a list of perfect presents for the friend who has everything!