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How to Know If He’s the One

Once you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, you might start to wonder if this is whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Short-term relationships are all well and good, but when you start actually feeling like you could spend a lifetime with someone, it’s probably time to investigate things Read More…

Four Ways Tech Has Changed Relationships — For Better or Worse

Technology has become commonplace in our modern era, and it has irrevocably changed the way we interact with each other. From Facebook to YouTube and everywhere else, technology has helped us in many ways, but it has also hurt people. An important part of technology’s impact on our lives also has to do with our Read More…

8 Ways to Find Someone’s Public Information on the Internet

In the twenty-first century, the Internet is everywhere. Desktops, laptops, cell phones, watches, almost any device has a version that you can connect to the Internet. With that innovation comes more of an openness about our lives — there are thousands of social media websites, and many people use more than one every day. They Read More…

How to Learn More About Your Kids’ Friends’ Parents

It’s important that your kids get to play with other people around the neighborhood. Playing with the kids they go to school with will result in stronger friendships, and it’ll make going to school every day a little less of a chore. It’s great for you, too — you’ll be able to make more connections Read More…

It’s Easy to Find Out if He’s Cheating — Do a Background Check!

When we have a suspicion about a cheating spouse or partner, we want to make sure that our feelings are true, or false. Searching an online database like PeopleFinders.com is one of the best ways to validate those feelings. If you’re quick to accuse the person outright, without proof, you can cause a tremendous amount Read More…

Six Signs Your Significant Other May Be Unfaithful

Did you know that approximately 40% of marriages have been touched by some form of infidelity? Questioning your current relationship status? Here are six background signs of a potential issue.

Make Your First Date Perfect

  Are you among the 44% of American adults who are single? If you’re looking to change your status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” this year and have a special someone in mind, the following tips can help you make that first date one the two of you will never forget!

A Reunion 60 Years in the Making

For over 60 years Sam Childress, who was raised by his mother Shirley Childress, believed that his father wanted no part in his life. At the same time his father Anthony Trapani, now 81, was completely unaware of the son desperately trying to reach out to him.

Don’t Become Catfish Bait- Be Informed!

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to find that special someone just in time for Valentine’s Day. Though online dating can be fun, exciting, and convenient, there is always a risk of running into a Catfish– someone who uses a false online persona to catch you. According to TheNextWeb.com there are up to Read More…

People to Reconnect With Before the New Year

Missing old friends and family? The New Year is rapidly approaching, and there’s never been a more perfect time to reconnect.