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Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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The internet has opened the doors to reconnecting with people in a new way that wasn’t always possible before. In the past, people were left to wonder about the “what ifs” of past relationships and old flames. Today, with social media and free public records searches, you can do more than daydream about your lost love. You can actually find them!

There are all kinds of reasons someone might have for wanting to reconnect with a past partner. Some people just want to satisfy their own curiosity. Others do it to seek forgiveness, or they hope to ignite a dormant spark.

Whatever your reason, PeopleFinders has a few tips on how best to use our public records search to find the one that got away.

The Basics

We aren’t against using social media or standard search engines to help find an ex. They can be extremely useful in discovering the basic information you’ll need to get started using a person search tool. The problem that tends to come up with social media is that you’re only presented with a limited story on a past loved one’s life. After all, we’ve all heard some form of the saying that people only show the perfect parts of their lives on social media.

That’s why you can use social media to locate info like an ex’s new last name, the city and state they live in, even a phone number. Then use those basics to gain a more complete picture of your past friend’s life story with our free person search tool.

Our database looks through millions of public records to give you access to everything from background checks to financial history. With this level of detailed insight, you can decide if you still want to move forward with contacting the old flame.

Manage Expectations

When you set out to find a past partner, it’s usually because you feel like you’re ready to start over. Maybe you’ve grown as a person and learned from the past. Now you feel like you can create a more successful relationship than the one you had before. Reuniting with an old flame is exciting, but it can also come with the very real possibility they have a lesser interest in rekindling the past.

One way to manage your expectations is to use a person search tool to see exactly what your past love’s current reality looks like. Are they married? Are they in financial trouble? Worse, are they a convicted felon? These are all factors that can pull the rose-colored glasses right off. Fortunately, doing your research beforehand with a criminal background search can help lessen the impact of any potential barriers to reconnecting.

Second Chance at Love

Experts agree that when long-lost lovers do reunite, they have a pretty great chance of staying together. One study done on former flames who reconnected at least five years after splitting up found they had nearly an 80 percent chance of lasting wedded bliss.

Are you ready to find out more about a past love? If so, PeopleFinders can help! Our free person search tool can get you all the information you need, and it’s all completely free. PeopleFinders’ network of websites and services help customers find and connect with anyone, anywhere, so don’t wait—start your search today!

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