New Phone, Who’s This? Use this Trick to Rebuild Your Contacts!

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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It’s a safe bet to say the main reason you have a cell phone is for communication. Whether you’re making business calls, sending out emails, or texting friends – your contact list is vital to your day-to-day functioning. You’ve organized it just the way you like. You know where to find work contacts, emergency numbers, and the best takeout delivery, all within seconds. This stored list is the gateway to convenient communication with everyone in our lives.

Life Without a Contact List

But imagine if this methodically organized contact list should suddenly disappear. The thought might send shivers down your spine, but it happens. People upgrade their phones all the time only to realize their contacts haven’t been backed up or were lost during the transfer process.

It’s definitely a headache, but you may think to yourself “Oh well, I’ll just re-enter all the numbers I can remember and start there.” So you set about inputting important contacts when the realization hits that you can’t recall a single number from memory!

Don’t worry because you’re not alone!

According to a recently published study, over half of the participants were unable to remember critical contact numbers without looking them up on their phones. This forgetfulness even has a name, digital amnesia, or what behaviorists refer to as forgetting information you trust a device to remember for you.

Losing your contact list is a trying situation to find yourself in. However, it can be easily fixed if you know how to recover lost contacts using a free people search.

Use This Trick To Save Yourself Some Trouble

You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that while your new phone is great—missing all your contact numbers isn’t. Now you’re getting down to the business of finding those lost numbers when all of a sudden you’re alerted you have an incoming text message. The message reads something like,  “Hey, let’s grab dinner! It feels like forever since we last saw each other. When are you available?”. Yay! Dinner plans with someone, but who is it? You have no idea who just texted you. You’re certain it’s a close friend but which one? You could just text back explaining your new phone dilemma, but they might be offended that you didn’t remember their number. No one wants to take the chance of upsetting a friend they’ve known for years. Luckily, you don’t have to. Simply input the mystery number into a free people finder search, and you’ll have your answer in seconds! PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup has a complete database of U.S. phone numbers and their owners. That way you can find out exactly who’s reaching out, and your friends will be none the wiser.

Quickly Rebuild Your Contact List

Most people who lose their contact list don’t have the luxury of time on their side. They need to be able to get ahold of their kids, spouses, or work colleagues fast. That’s where using people search engines like PeopleFinders can be your best ally. Our comprehensive databases show you up-to-date contact info and even distinguish between landlines and cell phone numbers.

If you get caught in this unfortunate situation, don’t worry! When you use a powerful service like PeopleFinders to find people for free, you can rebuild your contacts in no time!

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