What Does My Name Mean?

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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What does our name mean? Can it influence our life choices? Does it affect where we live or how we make a living? When naming a child, will the name’s meaning influence who you hope he or she will become?

Names are used countless times each day, and we found ourselves asking these questions about the potential impact of name meanings. So, we researched what science had to say about names.

The Science of Names

Many scientific studies have been conducted that relate a name meaning to a person’s power, purpose, and function. Below are three key scientific concepts that reveal the possible effects of a name:

Nominative determinism: This hypothesis explores links between a person’s last name and his or her occupation by considering scenarios where a name drives the outcome. A classic example: Daniel Snowman, who wrote a book on polar explorations.

Name-Letter effect: This phenomenon is used to describe a person’s subconscious preference for the letters in his or her own name to other letters in the alphabet. For example, lawyers are frequently named Laura, and Dennis is a common name for dentists. This phenomenon has been replicated across age and gender, with subjects in 15 countries and across four different alphabets.

Implicit egoism: This hypothesis claims that we’re all subconsciously attracted to things that remind us of ourselves. The automatic positive associations about things associated with oneself would explain why some people gravitate towards jobs, states, or even hobbies that are similar to their names.

Impact of Names on Life Choices

After considering the relationship between names and careers, research reveals that there’s a correlation in some instances. Based on the above concepts, we see how names could shape career choices.

While names don’t determine the career paths that are chosen, they may have some influence on the career paths that are considered. Therefore, an occupation that has a connection to your name may not be the occupation you pursue. But it would, at least, get your attention.

For example, if your last name is Baker, you might not be baking croissants and cookies for a living. However, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered it, and it might have even influenced your decision not to be a baker.

According to science, names are significant, perhaps even more significant than you previously thought possible.

What does my name mean

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A-Z of Common Name Meanings

More than the direct implications of a specific last name, a first name could also have impact on a person’s disposition and life choices. Below, we’ve cataloged the meanings of some of the most common names.

To choose this A to Z list, we selected first names that have been popular names over the past 100 years or are more recently popular first names in 2017 and 2018.

Do these name meanings give you insight into your future or that of someone you know?

(Latin) Priceless one

(Latin) Foreign woman

(French) Free man

(Hebrew) Beloved

(German) Universal

(Latin) Frenchman or free man

(Greek) Farmer

(German) Estate ruler

(Hebrew) Laughter

(Cornish, Welsh) White shadow, white wave

(Danish) Pure

(Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) Pretty

(Hebrew) Bitter

(Hebrew, French) Grace

(Latin) Olive tree

(Latin) Noble, patrician

(Irish) Chief leader, intelligence

(Latin) Rose, a flower

(Greek) Garland, crown

(Spanish) To harvest

(Latin) Little female bear

(Latin) Victory

(English) Resolute protection

(Arabic, Basque) New house or bright

(Greek) Life

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