How to Reconnect with Old Best Friends

Author: PeopleFinders on July 12th, 2019
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Making friends is an important part of your childhood, and it’s more than likely that you had a best friend throughout your formative years. High school is an especially big time, and many people form incredibly close friendships with high school friends.

However, as you grew and changed, you may have lost contact. Whether you moved away, the friend moved away, or you just got busy with work, school, family life, and other burdens, it’s not always easy to maintain contact with childhood friends, regardless of how close you were back in the day.

If you’ve started thinking about your old best friends, it may be worth it to try to reconnect. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, try one of these four tips:

1. Ask Mutual Friends

If you were best friends back in the day, you surely had some other friends that both of you were really close with; you don’t get to be best friends without having at least some crossover in your interactions.

Although it’s very common to lose contact with old friends throughout the years, there’s a decent chance that you still know at least a few of them, especially if you went to the same school or both stayed in the same town. Ask those friends if they’ve had any contact with your old best friend. Even if their information isn’t current contact information, whatever they can tell you may still be helpful.

2. Talk to Your Parents

Your parents likely have a pretty good memory of the people you were friends with when you were a child. As a youngster with a lot going on, you may be less likely to maintain long-term memories from your school days. However, parents tend to keep a close eye on who their kids are hanging around with, so they may remember important details.

Even better, there’s a chance that they’re still in contact with your friend’s parents, which can lead you right to a reconnection. Talking to your parents is similar to talking to your mutual friends; even if you don’t get a clear path to reconnecting, you can at least glean some additional details.

3. Try Social Media

In the modern era, social media is one of the most common ways that people find each other. Facebook has over two billion monthly users. With over a quarter of the world’s population on Facebook, there’s a serious chance that your old best friend will have a Facebook account and use it at least occasionally.

Start with the high school that the two of you went to; it may have a Facebook page, and your old friend may have connected his or her Facebook account to that page. If you know where the friend went to college, check that as well. You can also search the friend’s name or look up your mutual friends’ names to see if you can connect through them.

4. Use a People Search Engine

Public records are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to finding someone with whom you’ve lost contact. But many people don’t use them to their full potential. Part of the issue is that going through official channels can be incredibly time-consuming and annoying. With PeopleFinders, it may only take a few clicks.

When you use PeopleFinders to try and find contact information for old friends, you merely have to input their first and last name, as well as the city and state where you grew up, and then scroll through the results until you find the person you’re looking for. From there, you may be able to access fuller info, including their current contact and life information.


Reconnecting with your old childhood friend can be an incredible way to step back into your high school years. It’s likely that you and your friend went through quite a lot together, and you may have had each other’s backs in plenty of situations that you can think back on and laugh about now.

Instead of merely thinking about your school years, relive them with someone you care about by reconnecting with a lost best friend. When you use PeopleFinders, all the contact information you’re looking for may be just a few clicks away.

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