How to Find Your Birth Parents

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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Adoptions come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are adopted at birth while others adopted when they’re a teenager. Some people grow up knowing they’re adopted while some aren’t told until they’re older. While a percentage of people don’t have any interest in meeting their birth parents, many do. Just as there are many different types of adoptions, many different paths exist that people can take in order to find their birth parents. Here’s a guide to finding your birth parents no matter where they may be.

Look for non-identifying information

No matter how you were adopted, you usually have the right to non-identifying information about your birth parents. This information generally can’t be used to find your parents, but it does have some overarching information. The extent of non-identifying information differs from state to state, however, and you may need to file a court order or register with the state in order to access the information. The information often includes a physical description, details such as age, hair color, eye color, height, and build, and may include race, religion, and occupation. It may even give information such as the city or state of your birth and the reason your biological parents placed you for adoption.

However, this information is intentionally put together in a way that you can’t find your birth parents by using it. For example, if you’re given your birthplace, you may only be given the state, if your birth city only has one hospital. If you want to get more than that, you’ll have to look deeper.

Ask your parents

While it doesn’t always happen, sometimes your adopted parents will have had communication with your birth parents at some point. They may have been given more information that could be used to identify your birth parents, or your birth parents may have even given them some specific information to give you. Regardless of whether your adopted parents actually have that information, they may be able to help further your search.

Try to get your original birth certificate

If you can’t go through informal routes, you may be able to find your parents through official means. One of those routes is via your original birth certificate. If you were adopted through a closed adoption, you were given a new adoption certificate once the adoption was finalized, which means that your biological parents won’t be on your normal birth certificate.

As adoptions are becoming more normalized, it’s becoming less and less common for states to require a court order to access your original birth certificate once you turn 18. That means that you may just be able to go to the court and file a request for your birth certificate if you’re of age. If not, you may want to call the clerk in the county in which you were adopted, who may be able to help you find your birth certificate.

Getting in contact with your birth parents

Even if you’ve exhausted all your other options, don’t give up. Even just having the names of your birth parents is a good start if you use the right resources. As a premiere online people search, PeopleFinders can be of great assistance. If you have their full names, you can use the people search feature to find contact information. Even if you only have something such as an out-of-date phone number, the reverse phone lookup may be able to help you find up-to-date contact information.


No matter what you have to go through in order to find your birth parents, it’s worth it, even if you only get to talk to them once to get some closure. It may help clear up some questions you have about the circumstances of your adoption, and you may be able to ask them about important things such as medical problems that may run in the family. If you’re having a hard time getting contact information for your birth parents, PeopleFinders may be able to help. As adoptions become less stigmatized, it should become easier in the future, but for now, you can use this guide to find and contact your birth parents.

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