Easy Ways to Catch a Cheater

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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If you’ve been in more than a few relationships, the unfortunate truth is that it’s likely you’ve been cheated on before. With the absurdly high rates of infidelity across modern relationships, you may already be jaded and worried about your partner cheating on you. Maybe your current partner has already cheated on you, and you think they’re going down the same path.

Whatever situation you’re in, you may currently be worried that your partner is cheating on you. Maybe you want to find out what they’re up to before you ask them directly, so they don’t have time to cover their tracks. There are plenty of ways to go behind their back and find out before they tell you. These are some of the easiest ones.

Become Friends With Their Friends

It’s very common for a cheater to lie by saying they’re “out with their friends.” Whether they’re “over at a friend’s house” or “at a bar with some friends,” they’ll use their friends as scapegoats to convince you that you don’t have anything to be worried about. In fact, this tends to be one of the first lines of defense that cheaters will use.

To help you see past those lies, become friends with the people your partner hangs out with frequently. It can be helpful to ask them to introduce you, usually somewhere in the beginning of the relationship. However, if you’re already worried about them cheating, and you don’t want them to be suspicious when you ask, you can always try becoming friends with them on your own time. Being friends will also make it less likely that they’ll lie to you for your partner, which can help soothe some of your fears.

Keep an Eye on Their Social Media Habits

With the advent of the Internet, especially social media sites, it’s been made exponentially easier for people to cheat. Some people will do it over dating websites, or other sites made specifically for finding affairs, but it’s not uncommon for people to cheat on their partner with someone they already know. And if they already know the person they’re cheating with, they might just use a social media site where they’re already connected.

If you’re worried about your partner cheating on you, start by taking a look at their social media sites. They may be interacting with someone far, far more frequently than they used to, or interacting a lot with a person that you don’t know. If you ask them who some of the people they interact with are, they may brush you off, or just tell you it’s nothing to worry about.

Social media is a great place to interact with friends and family. It’s usually used for pretty innocent purposes, and just because your partner’s made a new friend, it doesn’t mean they’re romantically entangled with that person. But if all the evidence mounts up, and your partner doesn’t have great explanations, you may have a real reason to be worried.

Notice Their Phone Calls and Texts

For all the modern technology that has influenced how we communicate people, phone calls are still as much of our lives as they were twenty years ago. Texts are a little more modern, but calls are still very much a prominent way of communicating. These things both tie a person to their phone number, and there is a lot of information that’s inherently connected to a phone number, even if that phone number is private or unlisted.

If you really want to know who your partner is talking to, use PeopleFinders’ reverse phone lookup. Even if your partner’s gone the extra mile and has given their lover a phone that’s unlisted or private, PeopleFinders can find information about them, including their full name and any public records attached to that information. It’s the perfect blend of effective and easy-to-use software that’s also the cheapest and simplest way to find what you’re looking for.


There are quite a few ways to catch a cheater, whether you know they’re cheating but don’t have any real, concrete evidence, or you’re just worried about it and need to really find some evidence one way or another. Of course, it can be incredibly upsetting to learn that your partner is cheating on you, but staying ignorant can be just as horribly worrying.

Using PeopleFinders is a great way to find out information that can either soothe your worries or give you information that you’ll need in order to confront your partner. Cheaters never prosper, and you deserve to have the information you need to keep it that way.

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