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How to Build a Family Tree Online

Every family is a different size. Some nuclear families stick to themselves, only three or four people large, and some families associate with relatives that are so far removed that they’re barely even related anymore! Either way, most people have a fascination with knowing where their family came from, and where they are right now. Read More…

How Common is Your Name? Find Out How Many People Share Your Name

  Have you ever wondered just how common your name is and what it says about you? Maybe you’ve asked how many other people share your name and display characteristics similar to your own? Before the internet, digging through dusty records was one of the only ways to answer these questions, and the results were Read More…

Goonies Reunion: 30 Years Later

In June, 1985 a new movie hit screens all across America. It told a story about young teens embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. 30 years later, The Goonies still captures the imaginations of children and adults. We find it hard to believe that it’s been 3 decades since the classic film debuted. This Read More…

Forgiveness Day

  June 26 is Forgiveness Day. It’s a time to forgive others … and ourselves. Most people probably love this idea. It’s a wonderful concept. Unfortunately, the act of forgiving can be surprisingly difficult. When we feel someone has wronged us, it is far too easy to hold a grudge. With that comes anger, resentment Read More…

Do You Share A Name With A Celebrity?

We all know their names. Actors, athletes, musicians and others who dominate our pop culture. Sometimes just the mention of a celebrity can generate instant excitement. Even though many of these personalities do not have unique names, when they are mentioned we all tend to think of the same person. That made us wonder – Read More…

Staying Connected In A Post-Apocalyptic World

In Mad Max movies, people do whatever they can to survive. They long for a better life. And desperately seek some form of hope… – Maybe it’s serving Immortan Joe so you’ll be welcomed to Valhalla. – Maybe it’s making a new life in Bartertown. – And maybe it’s risking everything to reunite with the Read More…

Craft A New Family Bond With These Fun Kits!

Spending time together after reconnecting with your loved ones can build family relationships that last a lifetime. PeopleFinders has found five great projects that are perfect for helping you craft a new family bond today!

Holiday Gift Buying With PeopleFinders

The holidays are a great time to shower those you love in gifts, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Never fear though, because PeopleFinders is here to save the day with a list of perfect presents for the friend who has everything!

Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

    Do the holidays stress you out? You’re not alone! We’ve come up some ideas to help get you through, and remember- the holidays are supposed to be filled with joy so be sure to smile through it.

Thanksgiving Activities

                   Thanksgiving is the perfect time for families to gather and reconnect– why not spend some of that time together doing something new and fun? Here are some ideas for spending some time away from the TV with your family that won’t break the bank!