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Craft A New Family Bond With These Fun Kits!

Spending time together after reconnecting with your loved ones can build family relationships that last a lifetime. PeopleFinders has found five great projects that are perfect for helping you craft a new family bond today!

Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

    Do the holidays stress you out? You’re not alone! We’ve come up some ideas to help get you through, and remember- the holidays are supposed to be filled with joy so be sure to smile through it.

7 Ways To Make Happiness Happen

If you’re happy and you know it, then August is the perfect month for you. Thanks to a group called The Secret Society of Happy People, August is now Happiness Happens Month. That’s 31 days to focus on your own happiness and celebrate joy in others. We all have our own definitions of happiness. But Read More…

Closure: Phillip And Nancy Garrido Are Sentenced To Prison

It’s a pain too intense too imagine. Your child is stolen from you. You spend years following every lead, asking for help from anyone who will listen and doing everything possible to bring your baby home. Years pass without a sign of hope. Everything seems to indicate that the worst has happened. As a parent, Read More…

Suffering. Turmoil. Violent Protests. How Do We Cope During Difficult Times?

You can’t turn away from the screen. The images are disturbing. Shocking. But you can’t look away. The events are happening now, but somehow they don’t seem real. They feel like something from a war movie or disaster film. And they never seem to end.

Happiness Happens In August

Are you happy? Have you told anyone about it? August is National Happiness Happens month, and everyone is encouraged to share life’s little moments of joy. According to The Secret Society Of Happy People, there are three goals for this month. They are to help people: • Recognize and express happiness • Listen to others Read More…