Is Your Competition Hiring Felons? How To Find Out

Author: PeopleFinders on March 7th, 2018
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For the most part, businesses run a federal background check on their employees before hiring them. It’s not necessarily an issue if the job is something like food service, but you may not want someone with a criminally fast temper working with highly-sensitive customer files. Most businesses don’t hire individuals with federal criminal records, and they tend to make that much obvious, but sometimes they don’t want to submit the paperwork, or they just don’t think it matters that much.

If you want to be more thorough than some of your competitors, it might be a good idea to know who they’re hiring, and keep tabs on it. You value your business above all else, and if you can provide a safer experience for your customers on top of everything else you provide, you may as well know it. This is a fast, easy way to find out if your competitors are hiring felons, potentially endangering both their client base and their business as a whole.

Do Some Detective Work

Why did you initially start wondering if your competition was hiring felons? It may just be that you realized it was something important to your own business, or it might be that something shocking happened to them recently. Either way, start by looking over their public image. Find places where they’re advertising their positions, and see if they mention that potential employees need to undergo background checks. See if they require a release of information so that they can send a request for a background check to the government. See if they’ve ever mentioned that they specifically don’t hire felons — or, conversely, that they do.

This can all be found mostly with a simple Google search. Don’t be afraid to look past the first page of results, either, and try searching with multiple search engines if you’re not getting what you’re looking for. Put in the work, take your time, and you won’t be disappointed.

Find the People They’re Hiring

We live in the twenty-first century, and it’s substantially easier to find out who’s employed by a company than it was a hundred years ago. You don’t have to walk in and ask; just find the company on a social media website. As of the third quarter of 2017, Facebook has over two billion monthly active users; that’s over a quarter of all people living on earth! Statistically, it’s highly likely that a majority of your competitor’s workers are on Facebook, and they almost definitely run a company page as well.

Social media makes it easy to find the people businesses are hiring. Most of the time, you can actually see a huge list of people who have “claimed” that business as their primary place of work! Go through that list and make a note of at least a few. If there are specific people that made you wonder about if they were hiring felons, add those people to your list as well.

Do Your Own Background Checks

The people that these companies are hiring aren’t going to be advertising that they’re felons. It won’t be on their Facebook profile, and they’re not going to be talking about it. If you need the steps in this article, it’s likely that your competition isn’t advertising that either. You’ll need to do your own background checks, so you can find out on your own time if the people they’ve hired are felons. Unfortunately, you can’t just fill out a whole bunch of paperwork and ship it off to the FBI, and most governmental background checks require a signed permission form. However, there is an easy, legal way around that.

Criminal records checks can be done without any involvement with the FBI, as long as you have a full name, city, and state. With PeopleFinders’ Background Check and Criminal Records capabilities, you can find criminal records for anyone from the comfort of your own home. With their subscription services, you can run those records checks on anyone and everyone who has mentioned their employment with your competitor — for no additional cost.


When you’re running a business, you know that your customers are the most important people to you. You need your employees to treat them with the utmost of respect, and that means you need to hire people who you trust, and who they can trust. If your competition isn’t doing that, then you have a leg up on them. Use PeopleFinders’ capabilities to quickly and easily get confirmation that you’re the most trustworthy business in the area.

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