5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Give You a Criminal Record

Author: PeopleFinders on October 5th, 2018
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Most of us know it’s important to keep tabs on our credit history for fear of being denied a house purchase or business loan. What people often forget are minor indiscretions on their criminal history. That momentary lapse in judgment you might have made when you were younger can come back to haunt your personal and professional life.

Even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime or had only a minor run-in with the law, it can still show up on your record. That’s why it’s important to always know what might be lurking on your criminal record.

Want to stay out of the law books? Check out five surprising ways you can end up with a record and possibly even an arrest warrant!

   1. Forgetting to Pay A Traffic Ticket

If you get any sort of traffic violation and don’t pony up the payment, it could be enough for the police to issue a warrant for your arrest. Forgetting to pay a speeding ticket may seem like a harmless oversight. That is until, like one Reddit user, you find yourself behind bars. The user explained how they forgot to pay a speeding ticket, only to discover later that there was a warrant for their arrest! A night in jail can be a high price to pay for forgetfulness.

   2. The Time You Threw a Punch in Public

Oh, your college days, when drinking and disagreements were a regular occurrence. Maybe you were arrested for disorderly conduct after one too many punches thrown in a bar, but you weren’t officially charged. Well, surprisingly, that doesn’t mean the offense is off your record.

   3. Unintentional Wildlife Violation

You and your buddies take an annual fishing trip, only to be stopped by a game warden after hauling in your catch. Made the mistake of already filleting your fish at the water’s edge? That’s grounds for a citation simply because there’s no way to tell if you were catching in-season or out-of-season fish. If you fail to pay the fine, a warrant can be issued, which could lead to a permanent mark on your record.

   4. Dirty Dancing

If you decide to do a little dirty dancing, the most you think you’ll have to worry about is some side-eye from unapproving strangers. However, some states, such as Florida, actually have laws against “dancing in a vulgar manner” and you can be arrested and possibly even charged for doing so.

   5. Misdemeanor for Marijuana

It was years ago, and you weren’t given jail time, just community service for having a small amount of the drug. However, this minor conviction can still show up on your record unless you have your record sealed and later expunged.

Over 70 million Americans have a criminal record, but not all of them know it or deserve to have one. Curious about what might be on yours? There’s an easy way to find out! Try a free records search at PeopleFinders today.

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