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Author: PeopleFinders on October 3rd, 2018
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Albert K Hall’s Story

Albert grew up like millions of other kids. He had some great friends, loving parents and all the usual difficulties of youth. His life was just as carefree and difficult as the rest of us.
Like everyone else, Albert grew up. His friends helped him get through the difficult days of high school. Emotionally, physically and, now and then, even educationally. Sure, he could have survived without them. But he was glad he didn’t have to.

Carefree Days

Every summer, Albert and his friends would get together. Almost daily. They would ride bikes, go to the movies and find an endless assortment of activities to pass the time.
As their senior year began, they were eager to finish high school. Even more excited when graduation day finally arrived. Most of them had plans in mind, but they didn’t all think about how much it would change their lives.


After graduation, Albert went on to college. Some of his friends moved out of state for school. Others took jobs locally. Everyone followed their own dreams. Their lives would never be the same.
They kept in touch as best they could. Well, some did. It wasn’t long before they realized how busy life can be. Careers advanced. Families sprouted. Life moved on quickly.

I’ll Do It Later

Albert frequently thought about his old friends. That small group he once relied on through thick and thin. So much time had passed; he didn’t even know where most of them were.
He always intended to call. Something always came up. I’ll do it later became an all too common thought. Free time never seemed to exist. Years flew by.

It’s Never Too Late

Albert enjoyed a good life. He had a prosperous job, loving wife and two kids that behaved, well, most of the time. But something was missing. The friends he made in high school. In college. At earlier jobs. And he felt bad that they’d lost touch.
It was time to do something about it. Albert started a people search membership at He’d heard that this website helped visitors find “anyone, anywhere.”
At first he didn’t find everything he was looking for. He tried again, and followed some tips to improve his results. It worked. Albert found a current phone number for a friend he hadn’t seen in years.


The call was amazing. It was like no time had passed. Their friendship picked up exactly where it left off.
With a little more time, Albert started tracking down all the old gang. They laughed, talked about the “good ol’ days” and caught up on their current lives. It was just the first step.
Albert planned his own reunion. Not everyone could make it, but a few old friends were thrilled to get together. They’d all been through a lot. Good times and bad. Now they could share their adventures once again.

Albert’s People Search Story

Anyone can do it. Albert’s story can be your own. You can reconnect with friends, classmates and colleagues you care about.
The people from your past are waiting. All you have to do is find them. Start your own people search adventure today, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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