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How to Find Your Highschool Classmates

Monday, February 19th, 2018


For many people, high school was a great time socially. Four years of eight-hour days, usually with all the same people, tends to end up making close friendships. Plenty of people retained those friendships after high school ended, but unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t. Even with the best intentions, you can just fall away from people, and you’ll realize all of a sudden that you miss one of those great high school friends.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Thirty-year high school reunions aren’t the only place where you get to reconnect with the people you loved through those four years; you can track those people down all by yourself. All it takes is a little hard work, a little brains, and a dedication to getting that information, and you’ll be meeting up again before you know it.

Look Around Social Media

There are over one billion people on a social media website of some kind, and many of those people are on more than one. Many social media sites also allow you to add where you went to get your PhD, your degree, and, yes, your high school diploma. It could be as simple as searching up where you went for high school and looking at all the people who have stated that they went to that particular high school. If you went to a bigger high school, this could require a bit of digging, but it’s a great starting point.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, try combining pieces of information you remember about your friends. Think about where they were planning on moving, what college they wanted to go to, what they wanted to study, and any other relevant information. Skim your searches for those things, and it could make it substantially easier for you to find them. With the incredibly wide networks that form on social media, you could even end up finding them through the friend of a friend, or something similarly close!

Ask People Who Would Know Both of You

In keeping with the idea of asking a friend of a friend, you can also try the old-fashioned way of going through other people. If you’re looking for a specific friend, and you already know one or two other old high school friends, maybe they know something that you don’t. Maybe they were in contact more recently than you were, or maybe one of their friends is still in contact. Maybe they’re still friends, and they just didn’t even know you were looking!

Mutual friends aren’t the only people you could go through, either. Maybe your older brother went to school with their older brother, so they remember your friend through proxy. Maybe your mom remembers some pieces of information from back when they would spend the night at your house. The closer friends you were to the classmates you want to reconnect with, the easier it’ll likely be, because you’ll have more information to go off. Let your friends and family fill you in with as much information as they have. More options are never a bad thing!

Search for Them, In an Overarching Sense

Just plugging an old classmate’s name into a search engine likely won’t yield great results. Unless their parents invented their name or it was an incredibly unique combination, there are probably thousands of people with their same name! You need a better way that’s not just throwing their name around and hoping a search engine recognizes what you’re trying to do in an effective manner.

PeopleFinders can help. Break out your yearbook and find their full name, plug it into PeopleFinders with their city, and you’ll get your information in an efficient, cost-effective manner. You’ll even get extra information, because PeopleFinders has a public records database that allows you to get census information like birthdays, and contact information over the years!


It can be a great feeling when you finally reconnect with someone from high school. You have a lot of memories with those people, and it’s great to be able to see where you’ve gone from there, how you’ve improved, what things you’ve accomplished, and everything else that was just a dream when you graduated. The easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to do that is PeopleFinders.

Get in contact with the people you loved for those four years. Don’t think about how much you miss them and wish you could see them — get in touch with them and think about how happy you are that they’re here again!


Adoption Records Search

Lots of people go through a phase of feeling like they just don’t fit in. But for some, this feeling has persisted throughout most of their life. That’s because they feel like they are completely different from their family.

The differences can be little things like you enjoying classical music while your family can’t stand it. Or your outward appearance doesn’t resemble anyone in your household. Maybe you’ve overheard conversations between family members that leave you questioning your origins.

It’s important to know that your desire to learn more is normal. Wanting to know your roots can seem to some as a betrayal to their family, but this isn’t the case. The majority of people who have been adopted want to understand more about their personal histories and backgrounds. Studies have even proven that this knowledge is important to an adoptee’s well-being.

You can find out more about your own personal origins with a simple online records search. can comb through millions of public records to get you the info you need to learn more about your past. Here are a few tips on how you can get started on getting to know yourself better.

Start with General Information

Sometimes, the best place to start is at the source. Speaking to friends and family members about your origins can be difficult. Be considerate when talking about these things with your loved ones. Parents may feel defensive or hurt if the statements you ask are too straightforward. Start with something like, “Can you tell me more about where I come from?”. This basic question lets them decide how to begin a discussion they’ve probably waited a long time to have.

Getting Outside Help

If your adoptive parents seem hesitant to speak with you about these matters, it can be useful to get some outside help. This can come in the form of support from friends and other relatives that are adopted and may have dealt with similar situations. These family members can be valuable sources of insight. Just ask them how they learned they were adopted and what they did to find more.

Online databases made available to the public can be another great resource. You can start to gather more in-depth information about your past using a public records search by name. This way you can look through birth records, census data, property records, and more.

What to Expect from a Public Records Search

In the past, gaining access to birth records and other adoptive information could mean overcoming lots of red tape and legalities. Fortunately, many states today are making retrieving these vital records much easier. So, what kind of info can you expect to find when you conduct a free public records search? The answer is it that it can vary. Using just your name, you may be able to locate your original birth certificate, biological relatives, even adoptive records. Details listed in adoptive records are usually broken into two separate categories: non-identifying and identifying information.

Depending on how exhaustive your public records search is and your birth state’s statutes, you can expect the categories to include the following data:

Non-identifying Information

  • Date and place of the adopted person’s birth
  • Age of the birth parents and general physical description, such as eye and hair color
  • Race, ethnicity, religion, and medical history of the birth parents
  • Educational level of the birth parents
  • Reason for placing the child up for adoption
  • Existence of other children born to birth parents

Identifying Information

  • Positive identification of birth parents
  • Current or past names of the person
  • Addresses
  • Employment records

Are you ready to discover more about your past? PeopleFinders is your go-to source for all types of public records including birth records, marriages, divorces, census data, and more. Get started with your free public records search today!

Search for an Old Flame and Reconnect

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

The internet has opened the doors to reconnecting with people in a new way that wasn’t always possible before. In the past, people were left to wonder about the “what ifs” of past relationships and old flames. Today, with social media and free public records searches, you can do more than daydream about your lost love. You can actually find them!

There are all kinds of reasons someone might have for wanting to reconnect with a past partner. Some people just want to satisfy their own curiosity. Others do it to seek forgiveness, or they hope to ignite a dormant spark.

Whatever your reason, PeopleFinders has a few tips on how best to use our public records search to find the one that got away.

The Basics

We aren’t against using social media or standard search engines to help find an ex. They can be extremely useful in discovering the basic information you’ll need to get started using a person search tool. The problem that tends to come up with social media is that you’re only presented with a limited story on a past loved one’s life. After all, we’ve all heard some form of the saying that people only show the perfect parts of their lives on social media.

That’s why you can use social media to locate info like an ex’s new last name, the city and state they live in, even a phone number. Then use those basics to gain a more complete picture of your past friend’s life story with our free person search tool.

Our database looks through millions of public records to give you access to everything from background checks to financial history. With this level of detailed insight, you can decide if you still want to move forward with contacting the old flame.

Manage Expectations

When you set out to find a past partner, it’s usually because you feel like you’re ready to start over. Maybe you’ve grown as a person and learned from the past. Now you feel like you can create a more successful relationship than the one you had before. Reuniting with an old flame is exciting, but it can also come with the very real possibility they have a lesser interest in rekindling the past.

One way to manage your expectations is to use a person search tool to see exactly what your past love’s current reality looks like. Are they married? Are they in financial trouble? Worse, are they a convicted felon? These are all factors that can pull the rose-colored glasses right off. Fortunately, doing your research beforehand with a criminal background search can help lessen the impact of any potential barriers to reconnecting.

Second Chance at Love

Experts agree that when long-lost lovers do reunite, they have a pretty great chance of staying together. One study done on former flames who reconnected at least five years after splitting up found they had nearly an 80 percent chance of lasting wedded bliss.

Are you ready to find out more about a past love? If so, PeopleFinders can help! Our free person search tool can get you all the information you need, and it’s all completely free. PeopleFinders’ network of websites and services help customers find and connect with anyone, anywhere, so don’t wait—start your search today!

Look Up Your Ex Online for Free

Most of us have done it. Against our better judgment, we’ve searched online for someone we used to date. Maybe it was a case of ‘the one that got away.’ Or maybe the search was for a less romantic reason like he still owed you half the rent on your shared condo before he broke things off and disappeared.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been suffering from wistfulness or are just feeling a bit nosey. There’s a way to get the information you crave on your past partners. You need to try using a free person search tool.

Curiosity is Natural

We’ve all had that moment where we think to ourselves, “I wonder what they’re doing now?”.  Did our entrepreneur ex ever make their millions? Did our high school sweetheart move to the big city like they always talked about? We want answers to satisfy our curiosity, and this doesn’t make us stalkers.

Searching for information about people in your past isn’t that unusual. This is especially true in an age where personal details are readily accessible online through a quick person search. It’s a normal part of who we are as humans to wonder how our exes’ lives have turned out.

In fact, according to research, the specific behavior where one may feel a need to learn more about a past love’s current flame can be traced back to evolution. Natural instinct aside, there are still some online etiquette rules you may want to follow to avoid upsetting your life or theirs.

Be Anonymous

Social media is a great way to get updates on friends, relatives, and even old flames. But it can be your worst enemy when it comes to amateur sleuthing. Have you ever accidentally liked a post when you were trying to scroll through someone’s feed? Yeah, that can be a dead giveaway. Not to mention if one of your past partners has a private profile and you accidentally send a friend request. No thank you.

Even just a quick glance at their job history on a certain platform can result in your spying being detected and blasted out to them in the form of an email. Don’t let your snooping be like to a high school reunion where everyone knows you and what you’re up to. That’s why it’s best to use a more discreet tool for your detective work. PeopleFinder is a completely free, online person search that lets you do a full background check on someone behind the comfort of anonymity.

Get Details You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

With an online person search, you can find all the details about a person you used to date, without all the drama. Online person search tools can help unearth information you can’t get from a simple Google query. Info like white page listings, public records, past and present addresses, contact info, criminal history reports and more are all at your fingertips with PeopleFinders.

Using search engine results can take loads of time and end with disappointment. There are countless web pages to click through with most or all not relating to the person you are trying to find. So, when curiosity gets the best of you, visit PeopleFinders, enter your ex’s name, and get the inside scoop in seconds!

Don’t Recognize a Number on Your Spouse’s Phone? See Who They’re Texting Here

It used to be that when you looked at your significant other, you felt butterflies in your stomach. Now those innocent butterflies have been replaced by a pit of uncertainty. Is he or she cheating? It happens late at night when you see a number you don’t recognize pop-up on their phone. Maybe you notice it right before you rush out the door for work in the morning.

Then, the question comes. Maybe it nags at you all day, “Whose phone number is that?”.

In today’s digital age our phones have become our go-to for everything from communication to entertainment. That can make it hard to tell the difference between casual usage and incriminating behavior from our partners.

The best advice is to go with your gut—if your intuition is telling you something isn’t right, then it probably isn’t. However, to avoid coming off as simply jealous or controlling you’ll need some hard evidence that your feelings are well founded. Read on to discover the telltale signs of a cheating spouse and the free online person search that is the ultimate tool that can help you shed light on the person behind that mystery phone number.

Signs Something is Up

Are your partner’s phone habits giving you cause for concern? That sinking feeling can signal something shady is going on.

Does your significant other do any of the following?

  • Seem extra protective about their cell phone?
  • Get defensive when asked who they are texting?
  • Change their phone’s password often?
  • Get text messages at odd times like late at night?
  • Delete their text or chat history from their phone?

While these behaviors may make a loving partner feel unsettled, they are not exactly concrete proof that your spouse has crossed the line into a texting affair. With a free online reverse phone search, you find out for sure exactly who’s on the other end of the line.

Find Out the Truth with These Tools

You could always surprise your significant other and loudly demand that you see their phone. However, this isn’t the most discreet way to go about looking into a cheating partner. Nor is it the most effective. After all, what if your lover quickly rids their phone of any suspicious numbers or texts? With tools like PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup and public records search you can discover the name behind the phone number in a low-drama way. It’s easy and free!

Start by collecting any questionable numbers from your partner’s phone. From there, you just plug in the area code and 7-digit number to our free online phone search. This will give you access to our database filled with names, addresses, emails and more.

Sometimes it’s as simple as finding out the identity of a person to put your mind at ease. Maybe you recognize the name as your partner’s relative or business partner. If not, it may be time to search a little deeper.

That’s where PeopleFinders comprehensive search tools come in— with our person search you can find additional details including background, criminal, financial, property, and other public information.

Are you ready to find the proof you need to call out an unfaithful partner and put an end to the mystery once and for all? Find out who’s texting your loved one, right now!