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Is Your Online Date a Felon?

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

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With the popularity of websites like Match, eHarmony, Tinder, and Bumble, finding a relationship without first meeting them face-to-face is now a normal part of the dating world. While everybody deserves to find love, so is knowing you’re safe before making plans with a total stranger, regardless of how charming and clever their profile may be.

A lot of sites do not screen people using their dating app. That means that some bad eggs can slip through the cracks. Your potential date also might not be willing to openly tell you they’re a felon in between their mountain climbing and cute animal pictures. No matter how open or comfortable the conversation might be, you have the right to know if you’re going on a date with a criminal or sex offender who might be too embarrassed to reveal it to you.

Online Background Checks are Free and Easy

It’s easy to swipe right or send a message to a potential mate. It’s also just as easy to look them up online. It takes even less time than it does to pick out that perfect first date outfit and casual dining spot. Thanks to the simplicity and thoroughness of, there’s no reason to feel like information is being withheld from you when it comes to your safety.

PeopleFinders is one of the largest public records databases in the United States and has information on nearly every single adult in the country as a data-as-a-service provider. All you have to do is simply enter an individual’s name and an optional location and age. The site will search through billions of resources of public records and deliver comprehensive information to you on the same device your found your date.

Stay Safe from Potential Criminals

You can do more than find out if they are honest about their age, location, and marital status. PeopleFinders also offers comprehensive data on criminal info ranging from driving records, misdemeanors, felonies, and sexual offenses. All the things you won’t necessarily find out by just skimming their social media profiles.

About 10% of sexual predators use online dating platforms, and a large percentage of people are not completely honest on their profiles. Of course, everyone lies a little to make themselves seem more appealing in the world of internet dating, but it’s important to note the warning signs. Does something seem off, like them taking hours to get back to you, having to reschedule a lot, or are quick to anger if you take too long to respond? These are all red flags of a potentially unstable person, and one that you have every right to access further details about if you have reason to doubt your safety. Don’t have their full name yet? PeopleFinders can even look up your date’s information through a phone number.

Date with Confidence

Everyone makes mistakes, and not every person with a criminal record is necessarily a bad person. Even so, you have the right to know that about your potential date. Once you do, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to move forward. Criminal record or not, it’s important to have your first date in a public place and have a friend know where you’re meeting them. Dating is nerve-racking enough. Put your mind at ease with the convenience of quality databases from an online background check and spend more time sharing that romantic dessert.

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When we have a suspicion about a cheating spouse or partner, we want to make sure that our feelings are true, or false. Searching an online database like is one of the best ways to validate those feelings. If you’re quick to accuse the person outright, without proof, you can cause a tremendous amount of friction and tension. One person will feel like you don’t trust them, and this will affect your relationship going forward. This is especially true if it turns out they weren’t cheating at all.

Maybe you’ve noticed patterns with your lover that have seemed different, enough to warrant that suspicious feeling. It can be a nerve-wracking experience with all the things that are racing through your mind. But how do you know what to look for, and how can you find out for sure? Read this to learn more about the telltale signs and what you can do to catch them red-handed.

What are the signs of cheating you should be looking out for?

If you’re already dating, one of the first signs of a cheating boyfriend or a cheating girlfriend is less consistent communication between the two of you. The calling and texting slow down. You’re starting to feel like you’re not at the top of their list. This is when your mind starts racing, and the suspicious feelings come out. You start to ask yourself where they are and what they’re doing. You question why it took two to three hours to reply to your text. Weekend plans are canceled more frequently, and your partner is less attentive.

Even if the cheating boyfriend or husband does not have financial problems, the gifts you get are ones that don’t show commitment. You’re not getting jewelry and thoughtful items anymore.

If you’re married, your cheating wife or cheating husband will start displaying changes in character. One of the characteristics is that he or she may isolate from you. Romantic night outs have disappeared. Coming home from work late happens multiple nights of the week. Your partner may be at very long lunches at the office. You are receiving a lot of criticism for everything you do. Drastic changes in sexual activity will occur.  The cheating wife, cheating girlfriend, cheating boyfriend, and cheating husband may have flares of anger, which can come from feelings of guilt.

Whether you are married or dating, the cheating partner will start being argumentative with you. They will pick apart the little things and constantly criticize you. He or she can also become manipulative and make you feel like you’re the paranoid one, turning their guilt against you to make you feel like you’re the one to blame and it’s all your fault.

Follow Your Partner’s Trail Online

Thankfully, cheating partners often leave clues online that you can use to track down their behavior. Cheaters will have specific emails they use for their lovers. They will also have more apps loaded on their phone, like disappearing apps that make texts and emails disappear. You may notice more calls coming to their cell phone that they are not answering when you are around.

Spouses that commit infidelity may have a lot more mileage on their car than normal. They may be making road trips out of the area, so they don’t get caught by a close neighbor or friend.

If you’re meeting people through online dating, it’s crucial that you start checking them out in cyberspace. You want to find out if they are truthful, whether they are married, have a criminal background, or a history of cheating.

Cheating boyfriends and cheating husbands will often lie about where they work, and who they live with. Getting marriage and divorce records is a must as soon as the suspicions are felt.  Cheating girlfriends and cheating wives will usually confide in a girlfriend to cover for them when meeting their lovers.

Find the Info You Need Using

With you can find up to date information on almost anyone. You can verify phone numbers with the reverse lookup, perform a background check, and search the public database to find current addresses, and obtain marriage and divorce records. Even better, it’s all completely free! There’s no need to worry about if your partner is faithful. You can find out for sure using an online search at With the online background and public records search, you can run a criminal background check, a must for those using dating websites to meet people.

If you suspect your date is married, or your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband is cheating you shouldn’t stay in the dark. Find out for sure and get peace of mind with an online search. Get the info you need to sleep soundly with your free search from