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March 16th, 2011

Public records provide a wealth of information about individuals, businesses and property. They’re a great resource when you need to find people and learn more about them.

PeopleFinders creates reports that contain information from public records, including background checks, reverse phone lookups and people searches. We also feature a public records report that displays an array of important information in one concise document.

What’s In A Public Records Report?
Every report is a detailed profile of an individual. The reports include:

• Address Histories
• Phone Numbers
• Birthdates
• Relatives
• Birth and Death Records
• Marriage and Divorce Records
• Bankruptcies
• Tax Liens
• Property Records
• Unclaimed Money

How Are Public Records Reports Used?
Public records are documents that get reported by government agencies. These documents can be filed by city, county, state or federal offices, so information about one person could be spread across dozens of locations. A public records report collects all of these details into a single document.

These reports are used for a large variety of reasons. A few common uses include:
– To learn if a person is married or divorced
– To find current phone numbers and addresses
– To discover maiden names and AKAs
– To see if you or someone you know is owed unclaimed money
– To review information about any piece of property owned by an individual
– To determine whether or not someone has gone through bankruptcy
– To get an accurate overview of anyone’s past

Start Your Own Public Records Membership
PeopleFinders is proud to announce our new Public Records Membership. Now you can get all the reports you want at one low price. Choose from a monthly or annual service option to suit your specific needs.

To get started, visit the public records page at Type in a first and last name and click the Search button to see a list of people who match your criteria. Click on any of the View Details buttons and select either the monthly or annual membership. Click the Continue button, fill out the registration form and enjoy instant access to unlimited public records reports.

As a member, you’ll also get unlimited people, reverse phone and social profile searches. It’s an economical way to get all the facts you need. Leave a comment below if you have questions or suggestions, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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