Month: March 2011

Who Needs

PeopleFinders is a well-known people search website, but it is used for a myriad of reasons. The site helps people solve everyday problems and offers comprehensive reports with information collected from billions of public records. So who needs People who want to:

Living Longer: American Life Expectancy Increases

It’s a scientific fact – we’re living longer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are now living an average of 78.2 years. That number rises annually. We’re also improving our survival rate. In 2009 we lost fewer Americans to common conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Congratulations, we’re learning how Read More…

A Massive Earthquake Hits Japan

By now you’ve seen the pictures and watched the videos. You know of the immense devastation. The unprecedented wreckage. It’s easy to feel hopeless at a moment like this. But we can all do something to help.

A Sex Offender Mixes With Royalty

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is under fire for her association with a known sex offender. Her former husband, Prince Andrew, could lose his position as Trade Ambassador due to his connection with a convicted criminal. By now, both probably wish they’d never heard the name Jeffrey Epstein.