Share A Smile On March 1

February 28th, 2011

March 1 is host to a little-known holiday that we’d love to see more people celebrate. It’s Share A Smile Day, a time to spread joy through the simple act of displaying your toothy grin.

We don’t know the origin of Share A Smile Day, but we think it’s a great cause. It’s on occasion with one simple purpose: to make people happy.

Share Your Smile

Want to participate in Share A Smile Day? All you have to do is smile. Give a big, friendly grin to family, friends, coworkers and everyone you meet. Chances are good you’ll get a happy smile in return.

Some people may not be used to receiving smiles from strangers. That’s something we can change. If we all take a moment to just smile, and even say hello, the art of smiling will become a little more common.

Give A Smile

You can share your smile, and you can also help light up someone else’s face. March 1 is a perfect opportunity.

Call an old friend, write someone a letter or even leave a nice comment on somebody’s Facebook page. It doesn’t take much to give a smile. Just let someone you care about know you’re thinking about them. Reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while and give them a reason to beam.

Smiling Is Healthy

Smiling isn’t just fun, it also healthy. A good smile can improve your mood and lift the spirits of those around you. It also has some real health benefits.

Doctors and scientists have studied the effects of smiling. They’ve determined that it can help lower blood pressure and stress. Smiling can also improve your immune system. When you flash your pearly whites, your body produces serotonin and brings a little extra joy into your life.

Why Wait?

March 1 is Share A Smile Day, but you don’t have to wait. Every day is a good time for a great smile. Spread happiness and cheer in the easiest possible way. Share your pearly whites all year long.

Do you have a fun story that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face? Then leave a comment below to share with us. Have a delightful Share A Smile Day, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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