Month: December 2010

Discovering Roots Day

Roots Day happens every December 23. It’s a day when everyone is encouraged to learn more about their ancestors. Genealogy is the study of us. When we understand the people who came before us, we discover more about who we are today. The quest to unveil our past has become more than a hobby. It Read More…

How To Reconnect With Friends And Family This Holiday Season

Elvis may have said it best. The soulful crooner lamented that he would have a blue Christmas without you. Okay, maybe he wasn’t talking about you in particular. Point is, even Elvis needed his loved ones around to be merry. Are you missing anyone this holiday season?

What Does The Web Say About You?

Ever wonder what information is available about you online? Have you tried to find out? People do it all the time. We enter our names into Google or another search engine just to see what comes up. Sometimes we find ourselves, and sometimes we get hundreds of links that have nothing to do with us. Read More…