Month: November 2010

What’s Affecting You: TSA Airport Screenings

It’s mid-November, and the holiday season is in full swing. People are preparing for large meals with extended family, purchasing thoughtful gifts and traveling across the globe. These activities all have their downsides, but one is grabbing national attention. We all want to feel safe when we fly. People are willing to remove shoes, change Read More…

Should Amazon Sell A Book About Pedophiles?

The recent release of a book on resulted in anger, outrage and threats. Thousands of people protested the book, and prepared to boycott Amazon if it wasn’t removed. For a while, Amazon held firm. They suggested that refusing to sell a book would be censorship, and said people should be allowed to “make their Read More…

One Guy’s Run

In honor of Family Stories and Inspirational Role Models Month, we’re excited to share the incredible tale of Guy Fessenden. 54-year-old Guy is a dedicated father who would do anything for his family. Including run 100 marathons in 140 days.

Inspirational Role Models Month

Who inspires you? We all have people we’ve looked up to, emulated and learned from. November is Inspirational Role Models Month, a time to recognize and celebrate these people. Darlene House came up with the concept in 2005. Her goal was to “acknowledge the impact contemporary and historic role models have on our lives.”

Family Stories Month

November is the owner of an often-overlooked celebration known as Family Stories Month. It’s a simple thing, really. Just a time to reflect on the silly, funny, serious and sometimes terrifying stories that help define our family units. Family Stories These are the stories of us. They can make us laugh, cry and experience every Read More…