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Going Postal For Letters

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

letter writing

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? For millions of people, the answer could be never.

In this modern age of email, texting and a bevy of other ways to contact people instantly, letter writing has fallen by the wayside. These days most communication is short, highly abbreviated and sent electronically. Who takes the time to write long letters that are only meant to be read by one person?

An Old Fashioned Approach

Years ago, the best way to share your stories was to draft a letter, put it in a self-addressed envelope, attach a stamp and send it out through the local post office. In the days before cell phones and personal computers, letter writing was the easiest and most economical way to stay in touch.


Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

iphoneYour iPhone may have just received an official pardon from the U.S. Government. Jailbreaking and unlocking phones has been possible for years, but also illegal. Not anymore.

The new ruling comes directly from the Library of Congress. After reviewing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, they decreed jailbreaking legal (for mobile devices, anyway) and gave more freedom to phone owners everywhere.


A Reunion 32 Years In The Making

Monday, July 26th, 2010

reunion fatheranddaughterMichelle “B” hadn’t seen her father Michael in nearly 32 years, but she never stopped dreaming about a reunion. She kept searching for him even when things seemed hopeless.

During the 1990s Michelle heard about a new online service called a people search. One website claimed to provide current contact information for most anyone in the United States. It seemed like the fastest way to find her father. She gave it a try.


Unemployment Benefits handwithmoneyThe unemployment rate in America is improving, at least according to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, but millions of people are still jobless. Families across the country have been relying on unemployment benefits to get through these difficult times.

Until recently, people expected their unemployment benefits to be extended. Many were counting on that money for their day-to-day survival. Benefit extensions were dropped with very little warning, causing an untold number of people to wonder how they would get by.


pass school chalkboardHave you ever thought about volunteering at a public school? If you were required to pass a criminal background check first, would that encourage or discourage you?

Adults across the country are now asked to supply a background report before they’re allowed to volunteer at local schools. It wasn’t always this way. Years ago most people who volunteered were welcomed in without many questions asked. Times were simpler and safer back then. Today we live in a world where stories about sex offenders and pedophiles are common, and it’s hard to know whom to trust.


right passportAccording to a recent report by CNN, several thousand sex offenders in the United States are granted passports each year. This information came directly from a document produced by a Government Accountability Office (GAO).


Did Cell Phones Change Your Life?

Friday, July 9th, 2010

life cellChances are good that you have a cell phone. If so, then you have Martin Cooper to thank.

Back in 1973, Cooper worked for Motorola. One of their top competitors, AT&T, was spending much of their time developing a functional car phone. Cooper felt phones should provide even more personal freedom; he was determined to create a phone that people could use anywhere and anytime.


How Safe Is Your Next Blind Date?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

safe Online Dating SiteHave you ever met someone through an Internet dating site? How safe did you feel going out with a stranger?

Sure, everyone listed on the site has their own profile. You can see the person’s picture, bio, interests and other information … all of which is directly supplied by that person. This can lead to several questions. Did they provide accurate information? Were any important details left out? Is that photo even current?


unemployment helpnotwantedWhat’s your current job status? Are you employed, looking for a new career, desperate to find any job you can get? Approximately 9.5% of the U.S. is unemployed right now. Americans have suffered through a frustratingly difficult job market in recent times.

2010 brought us a ray of hope. After years of ever-increasing unemployment rates and nationwide hiring freezes, people started finding work again. The number of unemployed people throughout the country remained high, but things finally seemed to be on the right track … until June.


American Independence

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Independence flagWe are Americans. Strong, bold, determined individuals who never stop working for a better tomorrow. On the Fourth of July we celebrate our independence.

America was forged by people who believed that anything was possible, and just kept working until they succeeded. That conviction still permeates the country today. There is no obstacle too big for us to overcome, no goal we cannot achieve and no destination we will not reach if we set our minds to it. We stand together, toil together and triumph together.