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Tabnabbing Phony LoginYou’re surfing the web, checking out several pages. You click one of the tabs you left open and log in to your email account. They just got you; you’ve been Tabnabbed.

Tabnabbing is a new phishing scam created by some clever identity thieves. It’s also known as tabnapping, a combination of tab and kidnapping, but either way it’s a serious problem that could affect anyone.

Free Relationship Advice … From Pets

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Relationship Advice  petsDo you treat people like animals? Maybe you should.

A recent article from Psych Central discussed the importance of treating the people we love better … in particular, at least as well as we treat our pets. Think about your relationship with your pet; you probably have a positive and loving connection. Can you say the same for your significant other?


Are You A Safe Driver?

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

safe driver vehicle

How much time do you spend behind the wheel? Whether you drive for work, fun or simply to get from one place to another, it’s always essential to follow safe driving practices.

June is National Drive Safe Month, so PeopleFinders is sharing some important safety tips for drivers. Safe driving begins with the purchase of any vehicle.