Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23rd, 2009

ThanksgivingWe’re in the last week of November, which means it’s time for the official start of the holiday season. Thursday, November 26 is Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a special day that was meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. At PeopleFinders, we endorse any event that involves spending quality time with people you care about. After all, it’s the people who share our lives that make them so special.

History Of Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving is said to have taken place in 1621. It was the year that the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn feast with the colonists who landed at Plymouth. They gathered together to celebrate a successful harvest and express their gratitude for the plentiful crops they would enjoy throughout the winter season.

Over the years, the fourth Thursday of November has been recognized as a day of celebration and giving thanks in the United States. President George Washington declared the first “official” Thanksgiving holiday in 1789, and Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it to be an annual holiday in 1863.

Since then, Thanksgiving has been observed all across the country and become a day known for family gatherings, parades, football and other festivities.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Every holiday can be hectic, so this is a good time to focus on a few safety tips to help everyone have a joyous Thanksgiving:
•    You can thaw a turkey in advance, but be sure to cook it within 2 – 3 days
•    Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw food
•    Turn the handles of pots and pans away from the edge of the stove so they can’t be easily knocked over
•    It’s easy to get distracted while cooking, but remember that leaving food unattended can lead to fires
•    Cook your turkey to 180°F; an undercooked turkey may cause serious illness
•    Refrigerate leftovers as quickly as possible
•    If you decorate with candles, put the flames out before you leave the house or go to sleep
•    Are you a pet owner? Get some Thanksgiving safety tips for pets from the ASPCA here

Is there someone you’re missing this holiday season? PeopleFinders can help. We’re dedicated to helping you find the people who touched your life. Try a People Search Membership to find anyone you’ve been thinking about, and reconnect with someone special this Thanksgiving.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy the day with family and friends, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders People Search blog.

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One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Takeshi says:

    This year im thankful for my close frindes,family and my 2 jobs. Since last thanksgiving my life has had many ups and downs, mainly downs. If it wasnt for my close frindes and some select family i would have never been able to get though it. Specially my second family (denise,kari,and nan)they have helped my doggie paddle my way through the hardest year of my life! i love you guys!!

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