Is Your Online Date a Felon?

January 13th, 2018

guy in handcuffs in front of car

With the popularity of websites like Match, eHarmony, Tinder, and Bumble, finding a relationship without first meeting them face-to-face is now a normal part of the dating world. While everybody deserves to find love, so is knowing you’re safe before making plans with a total stranger, regardless of how charming and clever their profile may be.

A lot of sites do not screen people using their dating app. That means that some bad eggs can slip through the cracks. Your potential date also might not be willing to openly tell you they’re a felon in between their mountain climbing and cute animal pictures. No matter how open or comfortable the conversation might be, you have the right to know if you’re going on a date with a criminal or sex offender who might be too embarrassed to reveal it to you.

Online Background Checks are Free and Easy

It’s easy to swipe right or send a message to a potential mate. It’s also just as easy to look them up online. It takes even less time than it does to pick out that perfect first date outfit and casual dining spot. Thanks to the simplicity and thoroughness of, there’s no reason to feel like information is being withheld from you when it comes to your safety.

PeopleFinders is one of the largest public records databases in the United States and has information on nearly every single adult in the country as a data-as-a-service provider. All you have to do is simply enter an individual’s name and an optional location and age. The site will search through billions of resources of public records and deliver comprehensive information to you on the same device your found your date.

Stay Safe from Potential Criminals

You can do more than find out if they are honest about their age, location, and marital status. PeopleFinders also offers comprehensive data on criminal info ranging from driving records, misdemeanors, felonies, and sexual offenses. All the things you won’t necessarily find out by just skimming their social media profiles.

About 10% of sexual predators use online dating platforms, and a large percentage of people are not completely honest on their profiles. Of course, everyone lies a little to make themselves seem more appealing in the world of internet dating, but it’s important to note the warning signs. Does something seem off, like them taking hours to get back to you, having to reschedule a lot, or are quick to anger if you take too long to respond? These are all red flags of a potentially unstable person, and one that you have every right to access further details about if you have reason to doubt your safety. Don’t have their full name yet? PeopleFinders can even look up your date’s information through a phone number.

Date with Confidence

Everyone makes mistakes, and not every person with a criminal record is necessarily a bad person. Even so, you have the right to know that about your potential date. Once you do, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to move forward. Criminal record or not, it’s important to have your first date in a public place and have a friend know where you’re meeting them. Dating is nerve-racking enough. Put your mind at ease with the convenience of quality databases from an online background check and spend more time sharing that romantic dessert.

man putting wedding ring in shirt pocket

When we have a suspicion about a cheating spouse or partner, we want to make sure that our feelings are true, or false. Searching an online database like is one of the best ways to validate those feelings. If you’re quick to accuse the person outright, without proof, you can cause a tremendous amount of friction and tension. One person will feel like you don’t trust them, and this will affect your relationship going forward. This is especially true if it turns out they weren’t cheating at all.

Maybe you’ve noticed patterns with your lover that have seemed different, enough to warrant that suspicious feeling. It can be a nerve-wracking experience with all the things that are racing through your mind. But how do you know what to look for, and how can you find out for sure? Read this to learn more about the telltale signs and what you can do to catch them red-handed.

What are the signs of cheating you should be looking out for?

If you’re already dating, one of the first signs of a cheating boyfriend or a cheating girlfriend is less consistent communication between the two of you. The calling and texting slow down. You’re starting to feel like you’re not at the top of their list. This is when your mind starts racing, and the suspicious feelings come out. You start to ask yourself where they are and what they’re doing. You question why it took two to three hours to reply to your text. Weekend plans are canceled more frequently, and your partner is less attentive.

Even if the cheating boyfriend or husband does not have financial problems, the gifts you get are ones that don’t show commitment. You’re not getting jewelry and thoughtful items anymore.

If you’re married, your cheating wife or cheating husband will start displaying changes in character. One of the characteristics is that he or she may isolate from you. Romantic night outs have disappeared. Coming home from work late happens multiple nights of the week. Your partner may be at very long lunches at the office. You are receiving a lot of criticism for everything you do. Drastic changes in sexual activity will occur.  The cheating wife, cheating girlfriend, cheating boyfriend, and cheating husband may have flares of anger, which can come from feelings of guilt.

Whether you are married or dating, the cheating partner will start being argumentative with you. They will pick apart the little things and constantly criticize you. He or she can also become manipulative and make you feel like you’re the paranoid one, turning their guilt against you to make you feel like you’re the one to blame and it’s all your fault.

Follow Your Partner’s Trail Online

Thankfully, cheating partners often leave clues online that you can use to track down their behavior. Cheaters will have specific emails they use for their lovers. They will also have more apps loaded on their phone, like disappearing apps that make texts and emails disappear. You may notice more calls coming to their cell phone that they are not answering when you are around.

Spouses that commit infidelity may have a lot more mileage on their car than normal. They may be making road trips out of the area, so they don’t get caught by a close neighbor or friend.

If you’re meeting people through online dating, it’s crucial that you start checking them out in cyberspace. You want to find out if they are truthful, whether they are married, have a criminal background, or a history of cheating.

Cheating boyfriends and cheating husbands will often lie about where they work, and who they live with. Getting marriage and divorce records is a must as soon as the suspicions are felt.  Cheating girlfriends and cheating wives will usually confide in a girlfriend to cover for them when meeting their lovers.

Find the Info You Need Using

With you can find up to date information on almost anyone. You can verify phone numbers with the reverse lookup, perform a background check, and search the public database to find current addresses, and obtain marriage and divorce records. Even better, it’s all completely free! There’s no need to worry about if your partner is faithful. You can find out for sure using an online search at With the online background and public records search, you can run a criminal background check, a must for those using dating websites to meet people.

If you suspect your date is married, or your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband is cheating you shouldn’t stay in the dark. Find out for sure and get peace of mind with an online search. Get the info you need to sleep soundly with your free search from

Do you know what your vital records are? It sounds like a big deal, but in truth it’s relatively straightforward.

It’s important to know the difference between vital records and identifying information. That way you can protect yourself accordingly. You can also request copies of your information from the Office of Vital Records in your State, so that you can make sure your records are correct.

Even Critical Records Can Be Wrong

Mistakes do happen, even with the most important records. If that happens to you, then it can be a real issue to fix. VICE, the US media company, has reported that the USA has deported a number of its own citizens due to mistakes on their records.

Northwestern University studied this phenomenon and claimed that 4000 US citizens, who had the right to live in the US, were deported in 2010. Between January 2011 and September 2014, 256 deportation cases had to be adjourned. They were adjourned so that US citizens could prove their records were incorrect, and that they had the right to stay in the US.

These are extreme examples, but they prove that mistakes can happen. If your Vital Records are incorrect, then they could cause you real problems down the line.

What Are Your Vital Records?

The vital records that really matter when it comes to finding a person are your birth certificate, marriage and civil union papers and, unfortunately, the certificate of death. Divorce papers also count as vital records. These are life event records, in essence. You can access this information and use it to locate people, or learn more about them, by performing a records search using This data can help you determine names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.

It goes beyond simply tracking an individual. Vital records are essential for the country, and will help us get back on our feet as a nation during or after a major disaster. They also provide the government with reliable data for its own census and vital statistics.

More than 100 developing nations don’t actually have a system of vital records. That means that at least 230 million children under the age of five aren’t registered at all. So be thankful that the US Office of Vital Statistics has these records in place.

Other Records Are Crucial

Yes, all your records are important. You should take proper care of anything that physically identifies you by name. Anything that has your address on it is also worth disposing of properly. You should also take care of your Social Security number and make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

So your driving license, your tax returns, and bank records are vital records to you. This is because if they fall into the wrong hands then you could have a real problem. Identity theft is a serious issue in the modern world. You should take care with all your personal records, and take steps to protect yourself.

Vital records are another matter altogether. They can determine your citizenship, your inalienable rights, your retirement, and much more.

Don’t leave that to chance. Get in touch with your local Office of Vital Statistics and get copies of your vital records, check them and make sure that your information is right.


There’s something about the holiday season that drives connection. The holidays bring on a certain nostalgia and folks wanting to connect with a past event or emotion. They want seek out people from their history. There are many reasons why people search. One of the most common reasons is to find distant relatives. Through genealogy search, we can find more than distant relatives. We can also learn more about the ancestors we’ve never met. We especially wish to reconnect with family, friends, and lost loves. This might become more important at Christmas than at any other time of the year. However, the holiday season is also a high stress time. Searching for long, lost loved-ones needn’t add to your level of stress.

PeopleFinders makes learning how to find someone’s address easy, and even fun. Our service  gives you access to millions of public records that are available through our database. The records of 700 million Americans are all in one place. This saves time and money for the searcher by putting skiptrace technology at your fingertips.

Skiptracing is most often associated with debt collectors searching for debtors. However, skiptrace technology can be used to trace anyone, for any reason. Put down the phone book, and don’t worry about not being able to find a years-old address book. Skiptrace is the way to go. Skiptrace databases include everything that can be gathered from private and public sectors. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, permits and more.

Here’s how simple it is to find someone using Are you searching for relatives or just want learn more about your genealogy? Visit the website and enter the first and last name of the person you’re searching for. You don’t even to be searching for the person whose name you entered. Try entering a family name and seeing what comes up.

This may seem tricky to you, especially if you have reason to believe their name has changed since you last saw them, maybe through marriage. No problem. Enter the name you know. The database delivers lightning fast results. You’ll immediately receive the name of the person you’re searching for, along with a list of other known names and AKA’s.

The database will also deliver the most recent telephone number, the identities of any known associates, past and present addresses, and even their date of birth. If you’re not convinced that you’ve found the right person, you can extend the search further. This is the best way to begin a genealogy search. Once you’ve brought up searched names and their associates, you will likely recognize familiar family names. This is the starting point. One name leads to another and then another, as you piece together your genealogical story.

Growing up, you might have thought it sounded great to have a birthday around the holidays. If your birthday was close to Christmas or another holiday you got twice the presents! Sadly, this often isn’t the case. Sometimes times the two events will get rolled into one. Worse, with all the bustle of the holidays these birthdays can sometimes be forgotten entirely. Make sure your friends and family members don’t become forgotten during the holiday hustle with a simple DOB search PeopleFinders.


Use DOB Lookup to Remember Special Days for Friends and Family

The holidays can be one of the most wonderful times of the year, but they can also be among the most difficult for many people. It’s important to make sure people don’t become forgotten in all the Christmas craziness. With a fast and free DOB lookup you can help to make their season bright. Do you have a friend or loved one whose birthday might be around the holidays, but you aren’t sure? It’s can be embarrassing to have to ask when their birthday is. Thankfully, you can find it quickly and easily through a DOB information search. As long as you have their full name, or other specific information, the service will scour through millions of public records to find the right person you’re looking for. Thanks to its ability to access multiple databases simultaneously, DOB searches with PeopleFinders comb through hundreds of millions to find the person you’re looking for. Even better, it’s completely free! That means more money in your pocket to find that perfect gift. Find out when your loved one’s birthday is to make sure they aren’t forgotten this holiday season.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to determine someone’s birthday is through an online search. The online database at is able to search through hundreds of millions of public records. This high-powered service is able to come through all this data in a flash, bringing you the info you need instantly. The service will go through a wide range of public records to get you the information you need. That means search through databases like the registry of deaths and marriage, court records, and much more.

Reconnect This Holiday Season Through DOB Search

The holidays are an excellent time to reach out to people you might lost touch with over the years. Regardless of why you might not have been in touch, maybe it’s time to reconnect. But what if you don’t know how? Through a DOB search you can get a lot more info than just a birthday. When you use you are able to find where they live, other family members, emails, and much more. Nothing makes someone feel special during the holiday season like an unexpected gift. Use a DOB lookup to find their address to send the gift of kindness this year to your own long-lost friends and loved ones.

Make sure the people in your life feel the love this holiday season. Remember birthdays and reconnect with friends, family, and more through a DOB search using PeopleFinders. And you can take advantage of this great service through social media, too! Users are able to search by date of birth on Facebook to find the people they care about and and spread some holiday cheer. Have everyone in your life feel special this holiday season by finding the ones you love through a free person search using PeopleFinders.

man looking over womans shoulder at phoneMany people ask questions like “why do men cheat?” It’s such a common online inquiry that Psychology Today recently published an article titled 13 Reasons Why Men Cheat. Others search the internet using phrases like “How to tell if your girl is cheating.” But according to recent research from the University of Utah, there’s another question we should be asking: “Why do people 55 and older cheat?”

According to the research, approximately 20 percent of married Americans over the age of 55 reported cheating. Alarmingly, most of the people surveyed have been married between 20 and 30 years.

Do you suspect that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? If so, the holiday season can be the perfect time to find out for sure. During the holiday hustle and bustle, cheaters sometimes get careless and forget to cover their tracks.

Signs of An Affair

Perhaps your spouse’s moods toward you are changing. Maybe their once-dependable routines are suddenly different, or they’re sneaking off for unexplained reasons. These are all signs. Also look for:

  • Secret passwords on phones
  • Leaving the room to text or secretly talk
  • Second social-media accounts you didn’t know (s)he had
  • Gift purchases on credit card statements you’ve never seen

Here are some effective ways to know for sure if your significant other is cheating:

Start Journaling

It’s important to keep a journal and start methodically collecting information. Be on top of everyday things like the mileage on your cars, questionable ATM withdrawals, and little changes to your spouse’s routines. Don’t rush it, and don’t try relying on your memory.

Uncover Mysterious Phone Numbers

Watch for suspicious phone numbers on your spouse’s phone and run background checks on them.

One particularly reputable tool for this is It has one of the most complete public-records databases. In fact, it can retrieve accurate information about the owners of cell phone numbers, landlines, private numbers, and unlisted numbers.

Be Unexpected

Cheating usually takes place when the cheater “knows” their spouse won’t be around. When there’s plenty of alone time, cheaters let their guards down. So find ways to be in places he or she doesn’t expect.

Get A Little Help from Your Friends

Unweaving tangled webs and uncovering hidden truths can get overwhelming. To make it easier on yourself, ask some close friends for help. For example, maybe they’d be willing to drop by a location where your spouse claims to be.

You Deserve the Truth

One of the most painful things you can do is investigate someone you love in order to uncover a possible affair. This is an emotional time in your life, and you certainly want it behind you as quickly as possible. Just remember that patience is key, and that your current stress and heartache won’t last forever. You deserve to know the truth, whether it will end up being a relief or a painful epiphany.

ThanksgivingIt’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that means that it’s time for family gatherings, catching up, and good food to share. We spend this time with the people most important to us. But what if there is someone in your family that you’re forgetting about? In many families, it’s all too easy for some members to fall off the beaten path, becoming estranged because of distance or other hurdles. With PeopleFinders, you’ll be able to easily find out more about any relative in your family and how to begin reconnecting with them.

Reconnect with Relatives

Do you have any relatives that you haven’t seen in a long time? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what happened to them? With the PeopleFinders complete people search database, we can give you insights into your immediate and extended family. Our data helps fill in the gaps on which family member is where in the world, and what their family situation looks like. We can show you their location, their location history, their immediate family, and help you when it comes to getting in touch with them.

A Complete Database to Look Through

The PeopleFinders database covers hundreds of millions of adults in the U.S. That level of insight means that it’s the perfect resource to use when looking for any family member you have in mind. Plus, because our database covers so many different data points, it’s brings a level of clarity to the shape of their lives. You’ll be able to look into what they’ve been doing, what their age is, whether they have a criminal record, and much more about their lives. This can lead to a much deeper picture about where they fit in the context of your family.

Learn More About Yourself in the Process

Learning about your family can result in helping you learn more about yourself. By getting an idea of where your family came from, you can shape your identity. It can educate you on where your family has been and what kind of people are in it. Discovering distant relatives gives you an excellent sense of place in your family and gives you a golden opportunity to reconnect with them to make this year’s thanksgiving the best one yet.

Choose PeopleFinders for a More Complete Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for a simple way to bring the family back together this year, then use PeopleFinders for all your family searching needs. Our complete database will connect the dots and show you just where your family has been throughout the years. It’s also a great tool to shed some light on the people in your family who you don’t know much about, giving you a way to learn more about them. That can help you reconnect with them and see what they’ve been up to. And yes, you can even put this information to use for the big occasion: bringing the whole family together around the dinner table when it’s time to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Try your first relative search now to get started!

November is Native American Heritage month in the U.S. That makes it the perfect time to learn whether you have any Native American heritage in your family. With PeopleFinders complete database of past public records, it’s easy to view connections your family has to the past. Those connections provide a way to see branching relationships throughout, shedding a light on your ancestors. Because our system lets you explore connections between multiple family members, it won’t take you long to learn whether or not any of your ancestors were Native Americans. Who knows? If you’re a student, you may even qualify for a scholarship for your native hertiage.

Discover Native American Heritage

The PeopleFinders database is a great way to learn if you or someone you know has Native American ancestry. Our complete people search database makes this easy because our it only requires you enter a single piece of contact information to give you the info you want. From that, we connect you to a clear picture on the shape of your family over the years. Our records stretch back decades, so you can explore entire generations of your family at a time. With intersecting segments of family members, you’ll be able spot overlap and explore each new connection. That ends up painting a bigger picture of where your family has been and who in it was Native American.

Learn More About Any Ancestry

PeopleFinders brings you a much easier way to understand who your ancestors were, where they lived, what their stories were, and what your place is in all of it. Explore your ancestry with our complete people search. We give you a way to trace down the path your ancestors took during their lives, including who they married and how many children they had. There’s no better way to learn if you have Native American or any other kind of heritage than by using our people search to get the whole story on your family’s past.

Get a Closer Look at Family History

Our people search isn’t only limited to learning more about Native American heritage. When you use PeopleFinders, you can also learn more about the complete makeup of your family over the decades. With our database of hundreds of millions of records covering a vast number of data points, you’ll be able to view and chart any heritage that’s in your or your family. This gives you a deeper sense of who you are in the grand scheme of things.

Connect the Past to the Present with PeopleFinders

Gaining an insight into your background informs you on your past, present, and future. It gives you a stronger sense of identity in the world. Knowing that you’ve got Native American heritage opens up your understanding of yourself. With PeopleFinders’ genealogy search, take a look back at where your family has been through the years to easily learn about your heritage, family background, and to learn more about how it got to where it is now with a complete set of details attached to every data point. Take a look at our genealogy and people search now to get started!

Veteran SearchIt’s almost Veteran’s Day, which means that now’s a better time than ever to look up any military friends in your life to let them know you’re thinking about them. Making friends in in the military creates a special kind of bond that can be hard to recreate once you’re out. That’s why it’s so important to keep those people in your life. But because we live in a time when it is easier than ever to lose track of people, why not give yourself an easy way to look up old friend this Veteran’s Day with PeopleFinders? All you have to do is run a veteran search using our people lookup search engine!

Search Veterans from Any Branch of the Military

No matter what arm of the military a friend was a member of, PeopleFinders has a complete database to help look them up. We’re making it more straightforward and easier than ever before to connect with your old military friends. PeopleFinders carries full records for armed service members in the army, navy, marines, air force, and much more. Plus, because our records connect together, finding one record can make it easy to find more, giving you the power to find everyone you’re looking for. All we need is an active piece of contact information, and our comprehensive search will do the rest.

Military Records That Go Back Decades

PeopleFinders provides records that stretch back decades, covering a period that the U.S. has engaged in several major military conflicts. And we have complete results that run throughout all of them. So no matter when the veteran you have in mind served, you can find out more about their time in the military and about their life afterward. We give you the power to look up veterans by time period, by location, and much more, giving you to power to reconnect with whoever you want however you want.

A Veterans Search That’s Easy to Use

When you’re trying to find someone you used to serve in the military with, the last thing that you want to do is deal with a website that’s hard to use. You won’t have to worry about that with PeopleFinders. Our easy-to-use search makes it faster than ever to find one or more people you used to serve with. This is thanks to our established database of hundreds of millions of public records in the U.S. With the PeopleFinders complete collection of records, we can help you connect the dots on anyone you used to serve with. That makes it incredibly easy to find a veteran or find a friend.

Reconnect Fast with PeopleFinders

Ready to get started? PeopleFinders is your top choice to look up former fellow servicemen. All you need to get started is as little as one piece of contact information, and PeopleFinders will do the rest. We help connect you with details about where all of your old military friends are now. We can also inform you on what they’ve been up to until now, who they’ve met since then, and help you learn more about where their life has gone since they left the service. This can help give you a clear picture of what happened to any old service member with minimal effort. Get started using people search from PeopleFinders today!

Reverse Phone SearchThese days, people use their phones for everything. That’s all the more reason you should want to know who’s calling. The fastest and easiest way to identify an unknown number is a reverse phone search. What exactly is a reverse phone search? How do you perform one? The good news is that doing a reverse phone search is simple. It’s a way to use a phone number to find all kinds of information about its owner. Furthermore, it’s easier than ever thanks to PeopleFinders.

A reverse phone search can use a number to uncover someone’s full name, street address, email, and much more. You can even find relatives and uncover criminal backgrounds. What’s more, PeopleFinders simplifies the reverse phone search process. Just enter the number into the site, click, and learn. In a matter of seconds, PeopleFinders can provide you with a loads of data on who might be calling. But why would you want to use a reverse phone search in the first place? It turns out there are plenty of good reasons.

Find Old or Lost Phone Contacts

Getting a new phone can be a nightmare for your old numbers. You can try to get all your contact info back. But a few people always seem to slip through the cracks. Have you ever gotten a call from someone that clearly knows you, only you don’t recognize their voice or number? Having to explain your new phone, or that you don’t recognize their voice, can be embarrassing. A reverse phone search can help you avoid the awkwardness. You can use PeopleFinders to search someone’s number and find their name, address, and more. No more guessing games when it comes to old friends. But what about people you might have called that you forgot?

See Who Called Your Phone

Have you woken up and looked at your phone, only to see you’ve called several numbers you don’t recognize? Maybe you ordered some late night food. Perhaps you were calling someone to say hello. No one wants to contact these numbers again to see if and why they called. With a reverse phone search you can see who you might have called the night before. The best part is that a reverse phone search on PeopleFinders is completely anonymous. The person you’re looking up will never know that you’ve been searching them. This can all be helpful, but what about when you deal with strangers?

Take the Guesswork out of Unknown Numbers

How often are you getting calls from people you don’t know at all? It can be frustrating figuring out who’s calling. It could just be a wrong number. Worse, it could be a prank caller, or someone harassing you. You can identify these people quickly and easily by using a reverse phone search. If you would like to track down the identity of someone calling you, just pull up PeopleFinders. With hundreds of millions of available records the service can track down tons of info for whoever’s calling. Know exactly who a stranger is, and if they have a criminal record, using only their phone number.

There are all kinds of reasons why a reverse phone search can come in handy. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone you know, or a person that’s bothering you. Know who’s calling with a fast and reliable phone search. Don’t wait to discover who’s on the other end of the line. Track them down with a reverse phone search from today.