Happy Limerick Day From PeopleFinders

May 12th, 2011

Thursday May 12 National Limerick Day! Everyone is encouraged to create some short, silly poems and share them with family and friends.

To get in the spirit, PeopleFinders put together a few limericks of our own. We thought we’d share some here, and you can find a few more on our Facebook page.  We’ll get started with a few:

People Search Limericks


Life moves fast, and we all comprehend

It can be easy to lose touch with friends

But at PeopleFinders

We offer reminders

That we can help you find your friends again


Betty was so filled with cheer

To reunite classmates this year

But to her dismay

They’d all gone their own ways

Hey no problem, she found them all here


Reggie oft searched for valuable things

Like gold and coins and big diamond rings

But when the time came around

To tell the best thing he’d found

It was the people who made his heart sing

Social Profile Limerick

This one is a 2-parter!

Once a busy young man fell behind

Trying to keep up with his friends online

Try as might

They used too many sites

Til a Profile Search he did find

Now young Tim has a smile on his face

And he connects at his own preferred pace

Cuz he sees everything

That his friends are posting

And he catches it all in one place

Reverse Phone Limerick

Here’s one more limerick about a guy who faced a very common problem…

Toby was losing his mind

That caller had been so unkind

It was made worse because

He didn’t know who it was

But a Lookup showed him who owned that line

Write Your Own Limerick

Thank you for checking out (or maybe enduring) our silly limericks! Now it’s time to write your own.

Leave a silly poem in the comments, post limericks on your own profile and have a good time with these 5-line short stories. Happy Limerick Day, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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