Happy Earth Day From PeopleFinders

April 22nd, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

PeopleFinders is proud to be an e-commerce company. Our services and reports are available online, which helps save paper and other resources to reduce our carbon footprint.

On April 22, 2011, PeopleFinders is checking out ways we can all celebrate Earth Day. Here are three of our favorite eco-friendly ideas:

Ride Your Bike Or Capool

Do you live close to work or school? If so, then riding a bike can be a great alternative to driving. It saves you gas money, reduces your carbon footprint, and it’s always good to get a little exercise.

Most people don’t live that close to work or school, but carpooling is a great option when available. Talk to co-workers about riding together, or check out public carpools. If you commute, public transportation and carpools can save money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle.


Do you recycle? It’s easy to do and it can help preserve our natural resources. Many cities make it even easier by providing “green” bins for recyclables. Or you can take glass, plastic, aluminum and other items to a local recycler. That’s a bit more work, but you’ll also get some cash back.

Does your company have a recycling program? Most businesses probably have separate bins for recyclables these days. If there isn’t a program where you work, Earth Day is a great time to start one. All you need is a bin and a little cooperation from coworkers.  Let everyone know that there is now a spot for recyclable items. Most people are happy to help.

Plant A Tree

Looking to do a little more to celebrate Earth Day? Why not plant a tree?

We all know about the many benefits of trees. They improve air quality, make homes for wildlife, provide shade … the list goes on. Earth Day is the perfect reason to get out there and plant a tree, or have an eco-organization plant one on your behalf.  For more information on how to plant your own tree, check out this guide from EHow.com.

Do you have any Earth Day stories or suggestions? Then please share your comments below. Have a safe and eco-friendly Earth Day, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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