Celebrate Your Name Week: 7 Days To Learn About Names

March 4th, 2011

Your name. It’s more than just a phrase used to grab your attention. Names are one of our most important characteristics. Our personal titles.

In 1997 Jerry Hill created Celebrate Your Name Week. He saw it as a time to learn more about your own name and explore the monikers of others. The 7-day event lasts from Sunday March 3 to Saturday March 12, 2011. Here are 7 ways to celebrate:

Namesake Sunday
Start the week off by pondering your name. Have you ever wondered why you have the name you were given? Were you named after another person, or a major event? Investigate the invention of your given name.

Namesake Sunday is also the time to find out who shares your name. Use PeopleFinders.com to search for your first and last name and see who holds the same name claim. You may even be compelled to reach out to one of your name doppelgangers.

Fun Facts Monday
People tend to dislike Mondays, so it’s the perfect time for a fun activity. Lookup some interesting facts about names, and check out fun names owned by real people. Sometimes people name their kids after real objects, foods and cities. PeopleFinders can help find some actual names that surprise and entertain you.

Unique Names Tuesday
Most people share their first and last name with others, but a few individuals have names that are truly unique. Tuesday is the time to celebrate names that are owned exclusively by one person. How do you know for sure? Search for any name on PeopleFinders.com to find out.

Learn What Your Name Means Wednesday
Have you ever wondered exactly what your name means? Does it have a specific definition or a hidden significance? March 9 is the time to check it out. Dig up the origin of your name. See what it means and discover exactly why it was given to you.

AKA Thursday
Not everybody sticks with their birth name. Some choose aliases for themselves and others earn nicknames that become permanent. A few people even use an AKA (also known as) more than the name on their birth certificate.

An AKA can also help you find a person. If you’re having trouble locating someone, try a people search with a commonly used nickname or alias. If the person uses their ‘alter ego’ regularly, chances are good you’ll find it.

Middle Name Pride Friday
It happens all the time. Middle names are neglected far too often. It’s something Jerry Hill hopes to change. The creator of Celebrate Your Name week suggests revealing your middle name to at least three people on March 11. Knowing a middle name, or at least middle initial, can also help you find people. The next time you run a people search, include a middle initial to get more focused results.

Genealogy Saturday
How much do you know about your family tree? Genealogy Saturday is the perfect occasion to learn more. Wrap up Celebrate Your Name week by discovering your ancestors. Take a fascinating journey through the past that helps you understand more about yourself. After all, these are the people who helped make you what you are today.

Want to learn more about your ancestors? PeopleFinders has an exciting way to help. Use the site to find everyone in your extended family. You never know who will have incredible stories, ancient photos and priceless heirlooms that can’t be found anywhere else.

Happy Celebrate Your Name Week
March 6 – 12 is a great opportunity to find thrilling facts about your name, or the names of relatives, friends and anyone else. How will you participate? We’d love for you to leave us a comment and share what you discover. Enjoy the week, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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