Our Favorite Stories From 2010

December 29th, 2010

It’s been a tumultuous year. Sometimes it seems like there is nothing but bad news everywhere you look. We’ve all faced so many difficult moments.

2010 also had plenty of highlights. We saw positive stories full of joy and hope. Inspiring tales that made us smile. Here are some of our favorite moments from the year.

Meet Michelle
We were delighted to hear from Michelle “B” – a woman who lost touch with her father for more than 3 decades. She always hoped to find him again, but never had any luck. In 2010, the dream came true. Michelle finally found and reunited with her father.

Who Shares Your Name?

Wes Moore is a successful entrepreneur. In 2010, he discovered a man who shared his first and last name. The two men had many other similarities, but their lives took very different directions. Wes decided to reach out to the other man. What he found changed both their lives.

Rescue Of The Chilean Miners
When we first heard about the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine, it seemed there was little hope. There was no communication with the men for 17 days. Then, a note from underground let us know they were all okay.
The rescue efforts began immediately. People toiled day and night to find a way to save these men. It worked. By October 14, 2010, the last man had been pulled to safety.

Jaycee Dugard: Survivor
In 2009 the whole world watched the story of Jaycee Dugard unfold. She was kidnapped in 1991. No one had heard from her since. Thanks to the attentiveness of two Berkeley police officers, Jaycee was finally rescued. One year later we were thrilled to see that Jaycee was happy, home and doing well.

Can You Spare $10?
Reed Sandridge lost his job at the end of 2009. The new year looked to be a difficult one, at best. Sandridge took an unexpected path at the beginning of 2010. He began giving $10 to a stranger every day.

People Reunited
Now and then we hear from people who remind us why we do what we do. People who used our services to find and reunite with long-lost loved ones. Their touching messages mean so much to us. We love sharing them with you.

Everyone wants to be happy. But how does it happen? How do we become happier people? In 2010 we reflected on an important fact. We can all create our own happiness.

Running For Good
Guy Fessenden is a father who would do anything for his family. When his daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Guy was shocked to discover how people with mental illness are sometimes treated. He decided to raise awareness of this issue. In 2010, Guy chose to run 100 marathons in 140 days. His goal is to generate interest, gain media exposure and raise money for this cause.

Feeding The Poor
Narayanan Krishnan was an exceptionally talented and successful chef. He was in demand for several prestigious positions, but his career took a decidedly different path. After visiting destitute neighborhoods in India, Narayanan made a complete change. He dedicated his entire life to feeding the poor.

Laurie’s Story
Laurie was separated from her family at a very young age. She never expected to learn much about them. All that changed when her friend Jeri – aka Sherlock – got involved. With a little sleuthing and some help from PeopleFinders, Laurie met the family she never knew she had.

It may seem easier to focus on the negative stories from 2010. All the bad news can be overwhelming. But the positive stories are out there. Small tales of hope that remind us of all the good in life. Those are our favorite stories of the year.

We look forward to more great news in 2011. If you have a story to share, please leave a comment below, and thank you for reading the PeopleFinders people search blog.

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