What’s Affecting You? Healthcare Reform

March 26th, 2010

Health Reform Bill IconHealthcare reform has been debated for years, and as of March 2010 a new bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama. A few revisions to the policy have since been approved by the House and Senate, and the modified document is expected to receive the Presidential signature next week. This bill is intended to change healthcare laws forever, and it has become a controversial issue that is beginning to spark threats of violence.

The healthcare reform bill is a 2,409 page document filled with an overwhelming amount of details. Analysts have been breaking down the content into a few key points to help give people a better understanding of the new legislation. Some of the primary areas of focus include:
1.    People with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied insurance.
Millions of Americans have had their insurance requests denied due to pre-existing medical conditions, or been forced to pay higher rates. The reform bill forbids insurance companies from continuing this practice.

2.    Parents can insure offspring until age 26.
Young children are generally insured on a parent’s policy, but at a certain age they get cut off. While that age varies by state, it can be as young as 19. With the healthcare reform bill, young people would be allowed to remain on a parent’s policy until their 26th birthday.

3.    Subsidies may be available for individuals and families.
According to the reform bill, anyone who does not receive insurance through their place of employment may be entitled to financial support. Every case will be reviewed, and decisions will be based on annual household income and the number of dependents.

4.    Companies with 50+ employees must provide insurance.
Businesses offer employee insurance policies at their own discretion, but the reform bill will make this a requirement for companies with a staff of 50 or more. Any employer may refuse, but those that do will be fined $750 annually for every person who is not insured. That amount could increase to $2,000 a year.

Not every component of the reform bill will be implemented immediately. The “pre-existing conditions” and “increased age limit for dependents” clauses will begin in 2010, but other items won’t be in place for several years. 2011 will bring a dramatic impact for Medicare, when the program will be required to provide preventative care treatment without charging co-pay fees or deductibles.

By 2014, every American will be expected to have insurance. Individuals who do not may be fined $750 each year, or 2% of their annual income. Citizens will also be required to maintain a set level of insurance, which will be determined by the government, to avoid these fines. The final piece of legislation will launch in 2018, when every insurance provider will be required to offer preventative care without charging co-pay fees or deductibles.

Reactions to the healthcare reform bill are growing progressively heated. Several Democratic leaders have been threatened, and a few were given extra protection from FBI agents. Angry citizens have made hostile phone calls, hurled racial slurs, and in one case thrown a brick through a district office window.

Republican leaders who oppose the reform bill were also targeted. An unknown citizen fired a gun into the campaign headquarters of one Virginia Representative, and several others have received anonymous threats. As the healthcare bill continues to move forward, the danger and opportunities for violence are expected to increase.

Those who support healthcare reform say it will ensure that every person in this country receives adequate insurance coverage, put an end to discrimination against pre-existing medical conditions and place a ban on annual limits of coverage. People who oppose the bill fear that it may cause smaller companies to reduce their staff to less than 50 people, drive medium-sized companies out of business, and force people to spend money on insurance whether they want to or not. Another complaint stems from page 158 of the bill … which seems to indicate that members of Congress are exempt from their own healthcare reform bill.

How this will end is anybody’s guess. People feel very strongly about both sides of the issue. What do you think? We want to hear from you – leave us a comment and share your feelings on this explosive topic.

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43 Responses to “What’s Affecting You? Healthcare Reform”

  1. Health Insurance Quotes says:

    You bring up some good points, maybe not everyone realize it but health insurance is a must!

  2. Marvella Huus says:

    It’s a lot easier to attack private citizens than members of congress though, because that would mean acknowledging your country is beyond hope. Attacking AIG members just means that some guy took your money, rather than the people you trusted to take care of you. If they betrayed you it means you had bad judgment in choosing them, and nobody wants to admit that.

  3. Anna says:

    This health care bill is not and never has been about HEALTH or CARE. It’s about controlling everyone. The government has lost all sense of its proper role. We must revolt and regain control. Soon.

  4. bp says:

    Sarah, speaking of informing oneself, you should be aware that no one “has” to buy auto insurance. Not everyone owns a car. And they required insurance for vehicles is for the liability coverage. It is to protect those people that are injured when dummies go out on the road and injure someone else or their property. Unless there is a lien on the car, there is no requirement to have comprehensive or collision coverage – and when it IS required, it is the seller with a financial interest at stake and NOT the govt that makes it mandatory. Conversely, the Socialist Health Taxation plan DOES require health insurance to be purchased by everyone. Equal coverage for all. And ultimately, it will come out of the pockets of those who dare to work to support themselves and their families. And there will be darn few of those working taxpayers left when everyone quits so they can get their ‘free’ health insurance. Like Pelosi told a group recently “you can quit your job, since you don’t have to worry about your health insurance. Quit and follow your dreams” (paraphrased, but basically what she said.)

  5. Sarah says:

    When are people going to inform themselves before they go on a rampage? The healthcare reform plan DOES NOT include a public option, people! You do NOT have to buy insurance from the government. You so called “conservatives” need to inform yourselves before you complain about something that will benefit you in the long run. Do you complain about having to buy auto insurance?? That mandate has been in place for years and no one complains about it. What’s the big deal about healthcare – something that will benefit you. I make 30K a year but I DO NOT complain about paying taxes as long as I get services in return. Government services do not a communist regime make. Those with children should think PARTICULARLY hard before complaining. This is NOT communism. As someone who spent 8 years living in a country under dictatorial rule I can tell you this is NOT communism. This plan aims to make healthcare affordable for all and to forbid the horrendous practice of denying healthcare to paying customers because they have a “pre-existing condition”. Please people, stop living up to the impression we already have of you. Inform yourselves before you fly off the handle.

  6. Christy says:

    Lies got Obummer elected. His lies got the health care bill passed. Our financial obligation from this HCB will hurt this country in the long run. Why not focus on creating jobs, you A$$ Hole. Stop listening to Crypt Keeper Pelosi. Please stop reading off those prompters… You can’t think for yourself PERIOD!!!! You mark my words, the jerks Obummer appointed in his administration will screw up and we will have another 9/11 because they don’t know WTF their doing… 2012 will not come soon enough so we can vote him out.

  7. Celeste Lane says:

    Does anyone realize that Obama is not/or was not at the time of election a US Citizen? He has his own agenda destroy America.

  8. Bonnie H says:

    My husband just lost his job due to Bernie’s Fuel Oil filing for Chapter 7. We were insured with Connecti Care and found out, not through the insurance company, but the hospital I was supposed to have a pacemaker & ICD inserted. When we asked about the COBRA they informed me that because the company has filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business they will not be offering a COBRA to the employees. I have contacted every avenue I can think of from Gov Rell’s office, AG Blumenthal’s office, every insurance company to inquire about getting insurance. I have been told flatly “We cannot insure you due to your pre-existing condition”. I did find one insurance company that would take me with a pre-existing condition but the premiums are almost $1900.00 a month. Could you explain to me how a person who is collecting unemployment can afford this medical insurance? And if I read the article correctly the “Pre-existing Condition Law” should be in effect this year and am still being denied from these insurance companies. I think maybe it’s time someone starts investigating these insurance companies.

  9. Elizabeth Durbin says:

    This has nothing to do with racism, there is only one race on this earth and it is called the human race. I am a Christian and Jesus said to give unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Why is the government doing what the churches should be doing? Problem is that people have abandoned God’s way for their own way and expect the government to take care of them. I am poor for those who think the rich are the one’s that oppose it. We don’t live in a democratic society, we have a republic form of government. We need to return to the principles that our founding fathers created. When the government should have been working on bills to create more private jobs rather than government jobs. Why hasn’t the government work on the things they should be working on. When none of the Republicans voted for the bill and 2/3rds of the Congress is suppose to vote for a bill for it to pass, which this one didn’t, why shouldn’t people complain. Nancy Pelosi said that we can read the bill after it is passed. That isn’t how government works. My congressman said that there would have been a bipartisan bill if they would have included what both parties agreed on. Well, the Democrats wanted to cram this down our throat. My grandmother lived to be 89, I will be blessed by God if I do with this bill, my mother is 84. Why should we be happy with less than a lifespan than we would have had without it. What happened to tort reform? Most people are not happy with this health care bill and most of the congressman are representing their interest not their constituents.

  10. rikkj says:

    obama– one big ass mistake america

  11. democratnomore says:

    This bill is wrong and corrupt, the underhanded, unethical, unconstitutional manner at how those back alley communists got this trash passed should be sparking country wide demands for special elections to vote them all out. Not one thing that’s government controlled is doing well, right down to the postal service because of all the embezzling going on. In the real world if a company handled money like these jokers it would be under investigation, if Bush had forced through a bill like this the lame stream media would be all over it. Corruption is corruption as a former democrat I am sick of the double standards that’s helped communists gain control of the democratic party, come on you so called journalists take the blinders off and do your job.

  12. Skip Parker says:

    Think the government health care program will work well? Ask a veteran. See how it is to sit all day to see a doctor when the veteran has an appointment while the staff laughs and talks about what they did last night. Try going to a VA Hospital when the veterans life is at stake. They will take you in but you will lay on a stretcher in the hall way for hours before you are seen. At times the veteran dies on the stretcher and their death is not discovered until taken into the ER. Then there is the attitude of the VA Hospital Staff. The government health care program will be no better. It’s going to be a wait and wait some more situation. Ask a veteran how a government run program operates then decide if you desire your personal health in the hands of the government. If the VA was more efficient I’d be all in favor for a government program but if you like being treated as an indigent person, then the government run health care program is for you.

  13. Pat says:

    I don’t know where some of you are getting your facts. You have to buy car insurance- I don’t hear anyone complaining about that. No health care system is perfect, this won’t be perfect but it is a start. Those of you arguing because it is socialist, what about social security? When it first started there was an uproar because it was a socialist program. The same thing happened with medicare. If you are so against any socialist programs, while are you not trying to kill social security and medicare? Of course you are not.

  14. Dr Syn says:

    Health care reform is unconstitutional, Illegal to force this garbage on Americans. Obama is not & never will be president, there is not judge in this country anywhere that will ever get me to admit that he is. He is a terrorist, a corrupt politician bent on bringing this country down from prosperity to a socialist low life country. He and all liberals betray the American Flag, people, liberty, freedom, capitalism…these are the things that made this country GREAT…why do u think immigrants come here? For those reasons, if u want socialism move to china, north korea, vietnam, europe etc, u got no business mess this up. u liberals should be tried for treason executed & deported…the FBI CIA secret service etc are not doing their jobs by allowing those that betray the Constitution, flag, & the people, destroy this country, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, all liberals should be tried for treason! u people r a domestic enemy…..that means all liberals, progressives, left & far left…..to many soldiers, vets sacrificed lives & limbs in past wars & in modern times to protect what we used to have……..bunch a traitors….u all need to stand before a military firing squad……..

  15. earl m says:

    This isn’t about healthcare, it’s about control! Wise up America!

  16. Amelia says:

    Ole Rasmussen, why you are just a hoot! It’s funny you didn’t mention how Denmark has the highest taxes in the world, a good deal of it going towards health care. But let’s ask the people on here who really want the health care bill enacted: * Is it okay for you to wait two years for a specialist? (my friend did in the UK) * Is it okay if you have no anesthesia for some procedures (like an endoscopy)? * Is it okay if you wait a year to get an MRI (like the girl in the UK who had severe headaches, only she died a few days before because she had a brain tumor)? * Is it okay if you get no follow-up care after an operation (like my friend’s father of 77 in the UK, who died of a stroke because they weren’t monitoring his blood pressure) * Is it okay if your elderly relatives go weeks in the hospital without proper medical attention (or being washed)? * Is it okay if a nurse decides that you are in too much pain so she slips you a few drugs to “speed you on your way”? (Like four out of 10 nurses admitted in a poll in the UK)? * Are you prepared to do without cancer drugs that you might need because a government panel says no? (20,000 people died last year in the UK because they were denied cancer drugs)? Just curious!

  17. chris black says:

    If I lost my job and insurance, and got sick, does that make me a free loader even though I have been paying into the system for 30 years? It is about time we have healthcare that works for all and I am happy it passed. You rich people can still go out and buy your super duper plan just like you did before. The only ones against this are the healthy rich people it seems.

  18. Barbara says:

    Here’s one for ya! I am an agent who sells health insurance. Have for 10 yrs. Successful with many clients who I HELP, who would be lost if I wasn’t there to help them through the maze of problems people encounter just to try to understand how policies work. For the most part, my clients are very happy, like what they have, and it would be like pulling teeth to try to get them to give it up. On the other hand, even though I have been here all these year FULL TIME (40 -60 hrs. weekly), even I CAN’T GET HEALTH INSURANCE for the last 10 yrs. Yes, it’s because of several MINOR pre-existing conditions. If you have more than 2 they feel they must exclude from an individual policy, they simply won’t insure at all. Even though parts of the health care reform will be helpful, I can tell you from years of experience when you all see how this will turn out, you will be shocked at what the government will do to you. EXAMPLE: The government, in it’s “wisdom” passed the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. Part of this mandated Electronic Medical Records. Their excuse was that this would make things uniform, make sure records were readable and had online availability. When I went to the clinic the other day (the one where I have to pay CASH while all the illegals pay $0, and don’t even have to admit they are illegal, they told me they were converting all their records to the “approved electronic format” and would I mind spending a few moments while they created my new electronic records. I said fine. As the gal went through the computer program, asking this question and that question, one of the questions was: “Do you own a gun?” I nearly choked. I told her it was none of her business, whereby she prompted told me if I didn’t answer the question I would not be rendered medical treatment. So readers of this post, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. You want reform?? You got it. I will bet you this. Within a few years, let’s say 4-5 yrs…..every single person you talk to will look back on this as the beginning of the end for our free country. We will be just another SOCIALIST COUNTRY, the United States of Obama and I predict you are not going to like it one bit. After all, if the President and Congress are not “mandated” to participate, you know one thing….it’s garbage, pure and simple!

  19. Gene says:

    One last thought: Who cares what is in a bill that the people do not want. Oh I am sure the 2nd,3rd, 4th, and 5th Generations of Welfare reapers want more. The illegal aliens want more. Those that have expired Visitor Visa’s want more. Enough is enough, If we can not stop the Illegals at the boarder, Then hunt them done and send them back. If they can’t or wont come here honestly, why the heck do we have to put up with them? How do they get welfare? How do they get unemployment? How deep does this virus go? Prepare yourselves for what is coming. The Tidal Wave of Liberty is going to be a sunomie by November. Union Workers wake up. The Democrats have desimated your rank and file. There choking the life blood from you Join now and help US OVER COME this nightmare. GOD BLESS THE USA (WE THE PEOPLE)

  20. Gene says:

    Ladies, Gentelmen Let us not forget that the latest poll shows that 37% of the people want this. That Obama promised to cut taxes to the middle class. That the Government is now competing with Private Americans in the Auto Industry (GM) Lending and Brokerage industry’s. What Americans Want makes no difference with this Administration. They just want the money at all costs. Redistribution? To the Pockets of the Government. Vote the Trash out, the good old Boy’ and Gals have stole, Lied, deceived, and ignored us long enough. The other 63% of us “The Quiet Majority” will be shooting them down at the polls in November. The Tea Party is just a small example of what will happen when We The People have a chance to speak in Nov. Join in with us to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR

  21. hawaii mom~ says:

    Bible , Yes , Obama, No , To keep our freedoms, he’s got to go, Hitler and Obama, One in the same foe.

  22. C. Morgan says:

    Thank you Joe Roper and Thomas J. You two are spot on with your analogy. Exactly WHY is our “president” , congress, and house of representatives exempt from this so called great healthcare plan that’s going to fix all of our problems? If it’s good enough for us, why oh why is our government not going to to use it? And they’re not going to use it or they wouldn’t have exempted themselves! Tell me that and perhaps I’ll be more apt to rethink this socialist law. It’s socialism. Never doubt it!

  23. yolanda junkin says:

    This is BS. We may have health care coverage for everyone – but at what cost. About 25 to 30% of doctors have said they will stop practicing medicine. The estimate is that Obamacare will increase the deficit by 2.3 trillion. For this we will get rationed and substandard care. You were fair when you said citizens would be required to have a certain level of insurance and pay a fine if they do not. Illegals will not have to pay a fine as they are not suppose to be covered. We all know they will be covered as they are 1/3 of the 45 million uninsured. Plus accepting people with pre-existing conditions will bankrupt all insurance companies and we will only have the public option. We see what happens in Europe – long lines waitng for care and not enough doctors. Yes – healthcare will be free for some but in Britain free health care means $9.00 gas, 17% sales tax and 65% income tax. I for one do not want government between me and my doctor. What has happened to personal responsibility in this country????

  24. KathyH says:

    I am very much against this HC Plan & quite frankly I’m tired of working hard & paying high taxes for all these social programs. My husband & I put 3 kids thru college, no school loans, no grants, no assistance. We drive used vehicles, haven’t taken a vacation in 10 years & have installed woodstove inserts in our fireplaces to help heat our homes due to the high cost of heating fuel. We do not ask for or get any government assistance, not that we would qualify anyway. Oh yes & we have 4 dogs, all rescues. Two of the dogs are litter mates from a dog that was abandoned from a family that just flew the coop & the property foreclosed. They left this poor dog pregnant & tied under the deck, no food or water. A group of us rescued her & she gave birth 2 weeks later. So I’m supposed to help bail out these derelicts that had no business buying a home (at the purchase price anyway) or obtaining a mortgage in the first place. Then they buy a dog & just leave it to rot! I’m sick & tired of this & yes I am very angry.

  25. tower200 says:

    Here is what I have been trying to determine about the Obama plan is this component about pre-existing conditions… Is there any language in this reform about whether or not there is a limit on what insurance providers can impose if you have a pre-existing disease?

  26. Jim Doherty says:

    The United States is still democratic. The majority of our democratically elected representatives have passed this bill and followed the will of (most) of the people. We are all required to pay taxes to the IRS to support the government. Is that socialism? … You cite the pharmaceutical companies. There excessive lobbying power and political power — mostly channeled through the Republican party results in drug costs many times higher than in other countries where the governments cleverly use their massive purchasing power to cut better deals. Let’s get smart about this. Everyone wants a healthy life and quality health care at a decent and reasonable cost, and without being treated unfairly. The fact is the insurance companies have had a sweet deal for a long time and have done whatever they wanted and ‘screwed’ the common folk. If health care reform means bringing some fairness and consumer protections to the health insurance laws, and that is socialist…. then call me a socialist, because this new law is a good start down the right path.

  27. Darlene L. says:

    When did the government decide, particularly Pres. Obama, that the United States of America wanted to become a socialist country and no longer democratic. If we want health insurance, then, of course, we should pay for it; but to be required to purchase or the government is going to fine you is not only complete control of the government but a travesty for us all! Just how many small businesses are going to go out of business because they’re unable to afford to pay either the required health insurance for their employees but also because of the penalties that will be enforced by the government. Small business is what has made this country great, not Washington, DC and those that feel that they can tell all of us what to do. Why are we all not going to Washington and telling them we don’t want this? Why is this country not being run for the people, by the people; but instead by our new socialist President and his left hand woman, Nancy Polisi. I’m truly appalled by all of this. Truly, if every one of us actually took a responsibility for our health, starting eating right and taking the proper vitamins to make up for all of the nutrients that are no longer part of our food, due to all the pesticides and chemical changes that are made to our food, there wouldn’t be any need for health care. The pharmaceutical companies would be out of business and therefore no need to continually purchase their drugs, that are readily written by our physicians, no more cancer, chemo, radiation, heart disease. It is proven that taking the proper nutrients and vitamins would inialate all of it and we’d be a healthy country again as it was back in the early 1900′s. Wake up people! It’s time to take a stand!!!!!

  28. Thomas J says:

    This is not healthcare reform but insurance reform. The real problem is the growing cost of healthcare as a percentage of GDP. I believe it is 17% now and is expected to be 30% in another 20 years. I heard Bush’s HHS Secretary, Levitt, talk a few years ago and the concern was that no nation on earth can afford to spend 30% of GDP on healthcare and be competitive in a global marketplace. This is the real problem and the current “reform bill” does nothing to control the actual cost of healthcare. It is another wad of money (entitlement) from an open government wallet at a time we can least afford this sort of open-ended deal. In addition I am concerned that my paid-for insurance will be diluted by the masses seeking treatment. The government will at some point need to redline procedures based on age to save money. “Sorry we don’t provide heart surgery past the age of 80. Don’t complain. You’re going to die eventually anyway and besides 80 is a respectable age. Be happy”. I am an employer and work long hard hours. I employ six people and they all have paid health insurance and a pension plan. I am proud, though working long hours, to be able to do this. I also make above 250K a year for 12 hour days so am targeted to kick in even more though I am a productive citizen taking care of his employees (with no government help-don’t want or need it). So what am I doing wrong to be penalized? This is a counte-incentive to the hard-working and outright socialism. Will not work. I have been a Democrat for the past 39 years and have even donated to Democratic candidates. Not now. I have for the past six months been donating to Republican candidates and in the last week finally changed my party affiliation to Republican. Watch out Democrats. You have an angry voter who will look to sweep you (Barbara Boxer) out of office next election!

  29. Joe Roper says:

    As an 85 year old WW2 vet, this is the closest thing to Socialism that I’ve seen in our country. This appears to me to be the beginning of the end of the country I fought for. Our President and representatives have violated our constitution and their respective Offices in crafting and passing this legislation that will bankrupt our country. And can you imagine laws, that the congress, house of representatives, and the President are “exempt” from? They have passed their own “better than us” legislation, apparently!. I cringe to contemplate what other legislation this team has up their sleeve. God Bless America!

  30. Tony D says:

    Socialism and mediocrity are synonyms. There is no government program that has ever been run effectively, efficiently, or to the benefit of the general public in any country. This law is just as important as an amendment to the Constitution and it was passed with a bare minority of votes. This should be cause to declare it illegal. Both sitting parties have been heading in this direction so we really can’t blame it completely on the Dems or Obama. We only can blame it on ourselves because we keep voting in incumbents at a 95% rate regardless of their performance. We need to impeach Congress and both parties by voting in a third party. This will create chaos in government, but out of chaos arose the greatest country that has ever existed. We all need to sit down and read about States Rights and how a constitutionally modified republic needs to be run. We all must create a voters revolt and remove the elitist jackals from Washington

  31. Right in the Middle says:

    Thank you so much for speaking the truth Ole Rasmussen. I am a Christian and I read the Bible and I’m not seeing any “updates” or “mark” thank you very much. What I am seeing is someone that may have been through some tougher times than the rest of us buck up and make a change. We know the other way was not working. I just love that people like to get angry about this all without really knowing what it’s like to deal with the insurance issues, and if they have dealt with the issues then shame on them for not wanting to change it! Every system has flaws but the last thing we should be doing is fighting about it. Take your right wings and volunteer. That will change America- but whatever you do, don’t teach your racist intolerance to the next generation. That is NOT the way to fix things.

  32. Sara Qualey says:

    Thank you “Ole Rasmussen” for trying to explain a better way of life to Americans. Our country has been crippled by right leaning political fanatics who spread hate and rumors about decent programs passed by Congress to help our citizens. They turn every well intentioned program into something negative and claim that we only encourage freeloaders by trying to help those less fortunate. We have high unemployment in our country right now and those unemployed could use some kind of health care coverage for their family. But to listen to the political right we are only encouraging these people not to find jobs. That there are no jobs doesn’t seem to register with them. They are comfortable and don’t need government help and they refuse to believe that many, many Americans would also like to work and provide for themselves but are temporarily unable to do so right now. It is disgusting that my “America” has become a country full of these self servers. They claim that they love their country. And those of us who think we should help our less fortunate somehow just don’t love our country. Tell me the logic in that.

  33. Mary McGuire says:

    As one of the 55 yr old plus population who isn’t old enough for Medicare (another socialist idea, but is now a “don’t touch entitlement program”) and who’s private insurance company left my state since they couldn’t “make a profit” and was then “cherry picked” by 6 other carriers for health issues that were either excluded by the state law from coverage or not medically (i.e. no cost to a private insurance company) treatable, the reality being “ageism”, I am now in the state pool coverage. For the privilege of $600 a month in premium (1 person coverage) and a $7500 deed. I am barely holding on to my coverage as I rebuild a work career and take care of an aging parent. For the privilege of coverage, I help cover the more than 40% uninsured in my home town, not as some would claim illegal immigrants, but those who can’t afford or choose not to buy health insurance. I get to help my carrier make a 50% profit on each dollar I send them. Aren’t I lucky to help 3rd party investors make their profit for each year. Personally, I wanted a government option with a single payor source for both profit and non-profit carriers to cut costs, but in a republic both sides must negotiate and met in the middle to get ahead, something that the extremes on each side forget.

  34. Elle says:

    I am absolutely for health care reform and how this is an asset for all Americans. If those who don’t want health care of any kind, then go into hiding and live in a cave for the duration of his or her life. That way nature will take care of those who don’t want health care, and those who do, will be healthy and be able to walk freely and lively freely in America. I have been working on health care reform from the Nixon days of health care reform. Unfortunately, fate took a twist that ended Nixon’s desire to have health care reform in the 1970s. Now, we have health care reform and the bill is outstanding for all Americans. Again for those who don’t go live in a cave and leave the rest of American alone. Stop bullying and threatening others who do agree and want this bill. This bill is constitutional and the supreme courts will also agree with this bill. It is the law of the land and will continue with great benefits in health care for all Americans. I do want to say this bill was fought and won for the Gibson family who had to sell their family farm in 1976 to pay for their dad’s open heart surgery and post care. Also, this bill was fought and won for Mrs. Cantu who had cancer and didn’t have money to pay for her medications. She too suffered greatly and of course, she died before finding out about the passing of this great bill. This bill was fought and won for those who have pre existing conditions that they didn’t ask for such as juvenille diabetes, childhood cancers, and for adults who come down with genetic disorders that hit them at the ages of 20, 40, and even 60s. These disorders can be MS, MD, diabetes type 2, cancers, thyroid disorders such as Graves disease, and many other diseases that are waiting for the marching orders from the gene composition pool inside individuals. So, this bill will save billions of dollars for Americans, get Americans back on track to healthy lives through prevention and wellness programs, yearly exams, and healthy bodies to work to have opportunities for financial wealth, financial healthy, and pursuit of happiness, life and liberty. Americans have this right through the bill of rights in the Articles of the US Constitution. This is American and this is here to stay! As a Mayflower descent, and a long line American, I am glad America has health care that is matched globally worldwide. Physicians should never go into the health care industry just to think they will get rich. It’s not about the money and should be about the wellness of each and every patient. When physicians understand their role, and do their roles well, then the money will follow.

  35. Ole Rasmussen says:

    Dear everybody, it´s very strange for a Danish citizen to pass by these funny and extreme right wing opinions. You use hate speech without trying to discuss the issue. In Denmark I pay a little more than 50% in taxes which I am proud of – and this has nothing to do with communism or less Christianity. Denmark is a liberal and Christian society. On the contrary it has to do with paying my share to society to avoid that the country will turn into a 3rd world country as you probably know yourself that the US is in many areas which e.g. Katrina disclosed to the whole world. The first person in this blog can´t get a job and doesn´t like public health care. Someone down the line blames missing health care on people themselves for instance for not getting a job. Where is the logic? You should try to create a society that helps people to get in a position to be able to help themselves. Come on and get into a modern world! Yours Ole Rasmussen.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Our major issue in this country is our two political parties. Our forefathers knew that a two party system would be our downfall and took steps to try to stop this type of politics, and thus anyone who seriously thinks that politics isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t not been paying attention. George Jr. will go down in History as one of the worst administrations in history and I could go on for hours showing why, but my point is that the Obama administration has offered nothing different (besides health reform, granted) and has in fact continued nearly every single Bush program. Obama has almost the same political donors and thus has the same pressures as Bush did. Health reform will turn out to be the most expensive and destructive waste of tax payer money ever. I just wish I could offer a better alternative for other frustrated people, but I can’t and those that think that the tea partiers are the future, remember that Sarah Palin is an important figure to them.

  37. John Smith says:

    Well, what do you want? We voted for this, didn’t we? I mean, the majority of Americans want this, right? The majority voted for this, therefore, we should get it, right? Americans want more socialism. So, let’s have it. Americans want to tax the rich and redistribute to the poor. So, let’s go ahead and do it. I’m ready.

  38. Nina J says:

    Any one ever think … When did Pres. Obama have time to decide we had a health care issue, figure out exactly how to fix it and write out a 2,409 page document that was to be voted on within the 1st month or so of being in office. Remember he made numerous trips to other countries immediately after he was put in office. This article tells us some of the things that “are” in the reform bill, but what is it ” not ” telling us that is in the reform bill, because the government already had a healthcare program … it is called medicare/medicaid … FIX THAT !!! Anytime a government takes over health care , when a country is suppose to be in a recession makes me think that once a government is already in charge of the money then all that is needed for another holocaust is for it to take over that nation’s health care. Beware the mark people . But a full update can be read in the Bible …

  39. Kristopher Shane says:

    I’m just getting started down this road, the journey is going to be long, but my target is two years to have a full time income online and to be able spend more time with my family instead of going for a 9 to 5 job..

  40. Wendy J says:

    This really is BS. Its totally unconstitutional! Its against the constitutional law to mandate heath insurance. It says right in the constitution that the government cannot force the citizens to purchase any product they do not want to purchase from said government. Obama and congress have gone too far by bypassing this law.

  41. Susie says:

    For 35 years I have worked just so I can afford to buy or be provided insurance by my employer. I know a lot of people who used their money to buy new cars or take vacations instead of buying insurance. That is their choice they don’t want it or they would pay for it. It seems to me it is the same old story those that work and pay for what they have also have to pay for the people that don’t work or don’t make the right choices. People need to get up off their lazy butts and take care of themselves instead of expecting something for nothing that way the people who really need help might be able to get it.

  42. Tina Daniel says:

    Regarding pre-existing conditions: I like it, it sounds good, but I’m sure insurance companies will find loop holes to get out of it. As for forcing all citizens to carry health insurance, that’s what happened with auto insurance and my auto insurance has gone up so much I can barely afford it. How are we going to afford mandatory insurance? Especially if it continues to go up in cost like auto?

  43. Nicole says:

    BS BS BS! How the HELL am I supposed to buy my own insurance, when I can’t even find a freaken JOB! Obama’s going too far. A lot of Americans DO NOT WANT this communism, and we shall prove it at the polls, next go around.

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