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Thank You For Reminding Us … Part 2

Thursday, January 28th, 2010
Laurie with her sister Kathy, aunt Peggie and brother Kevin

Laurie with her sister Kathy, aunt Peggie and brother Kevin

Jeri is a people finding sleuth who goes by the nickname “Sherlock”. She has utilized The PeopleFinders Network to find hundreds of people, and was kind enough to share a few of her success stories with us. One of our favorites is about a woman named Laurie…

Laurie was separated from her mother as an infant in the 1940’s. She would never see her mother again.

Years later, Laurie hoped to find her family, but only had a few clues: her mother’s name (which was very common), the name of her mother’s husband (Bruno Vernazza) and the fact that her mother had a sister named Peggy. After some intense investigating, Laurie found an address for Bruno, but it was not current, and the trail dried up.


Thank You For Reminding Us … Part 1

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

reunionphotoEntrepreneurs start new businesses for a variety of reasons. Some people may feel that the only goal of any company is to make money, but while that is important (at least if you want to keep the business alive), it is not the only motive.

Developing a business involves an incalculable amount of time, work and effort. It is not a venture that is entered into lightly; the desire to found a company stems from the pursuit of a dream and the need to carve your own niche in this world.


Americans Lend A Helping Hand In Haiti

Friday, January 22nd, 2010
American troops bring supplies to Haiti.

American troops bring supplies to Haiti.

Haiti has dominated the news since a devastating magnitude-7 earthquake hit the country on January 12, 2010. The cataclysmic event resulted in an estimated 200,000 deaths and 250,000 injuries. More than 1.5 million people are thought to be homeless due to the massive destruction of property.

Rescue efforts began immediately after the shaking subsided; the intense quake left many people buried under rubble. Crews dug through homes, schools and buildings searching for signs of life. Some lucky people were saved by workers who bravely risked their own lives, but as the week progressed, hope of finding additional survivors diminished.

National Hugging Day

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

the hugJanuary 21, 2010 is National Hugging Day! This is a special event created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney to encourage family, friends and even complete strangers to share a hug.

Zaborney hopes to get people all over the world hugging – and suggests that even those who are far apart on January 21 can still send hugs via email. To learn more about his mission and send a free e-card, visit his website.


What Should Be Done With Sexual Offenders?

Friday, January 15th, 2010

prisoners handsThere are sexual offenders living in typical neighborhoods all throughout the United States. Some live near schools, day care centers or the homes of people who may be viewed as potential targets for sexual predators.

The thought of living near a registered sex offender can be frightening, especially if you have young children. That’s why many people frequently run sexual offender searches – the search allows them to learn about potential predators living in any city or zip code in America. Some people are hoping the Supreme Court will support a law that will help keep sexual offenders out of their neighborhoods.

ElvisElvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935. His meteoric rise to fame is a legendary tale that sparked rock ‘n’ roll dreams for millions of young people throughout the world.

By the early 1950’s, Elvis had become a sensation. He had the total package: the look, the moves and the voice. People everywhere gathered together to hear his music, and share the thrill of his live performances.

The people who shared the experience of seeing Elvis, or spent time together listening to his songs and watching his movies, share a unique bond. They are permanently linked through their mutual adoration of the man who was affectionately known as “The King”.


socialnetworks-smHow many people do you try to keep up with on social networking websites? We all have family and friends we want to stay connected to and learn more about. Social networks provide an entertaining way to get updates on the lives of other people, and these sites are more popular than ever.

In 2009 the number of Facebook users skyrocketed, and the site shows no signs of slowing. Millions of people are following others, and looking for people to follow them, on Twitter. MySpace recently made several major updates to give the site a boost of popularity. As 2010 progresses, you can bet that even more people will sign up for accounts on these and dozens of other networking websites.