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  1. Mack Dingmann says:

    To those who say he needs not apologize, I say this, he made millions out of the public eye, we own him, his choice, he wants out of the deal, go away, easy. But a lot of kids looked up to him on TV showing how wonderful he supposedly is. He does owe an apologize, but no explanation, reason is simple, power and opportunity went to his head and was more important to him than those who loved him, makes him a pretty lousy guy. And probably better he goes away. But dollars talk and sponsors will forgive, because they will do anything for a buck

  2. Rhiannon Palmiotto says:

    I definitely cannot speak with regard to someone else, nonetheless it is my opinion the press this story is gaining is absurd. Tiger cheated on his wife, certainly not golf. The only ones he needs to appease is actually his family as well as sponsors. Its crystal clear why he still should apologize and then try to make amends with Elin. His sponsors have invested big money marketing him. Aside from that, it is a confidential family matter and he ought to be allowed to handle this behind closed doors. Everyone quite frankly does not have the right to be told every small detail about everybody’s lifestyle, no matter their celeb status.

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