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July 13th, 2009

timelineAt PeopleFinders.com we’re proud to say that we own the Web’s largest collection of historical data. But what does that mean to you?

PeopleFinders is a highly trusted People Search site that helps you find anyone, anywhere and gives you access to more than 40 years worth of public records. That means we can dig deep and find most any piece of public information you’re looking for. People who are searching for lost connections usually have many questions, and when they visit us online we are able to provide the answers…

Can I find someone when all I have is an old phone number? Yes, with more than 4 decades of public records available, we can help. Use our Reverse Phone Lookup to enter any number and we’ll search through billions of files to put together a complete phone history of the person you’re looking for. You’ll get a list of every phone number associated with that person, including the most recent.

Is it possible to find people using an outdated address? Even if the person you’re looking for has moved several times over the years, you can find them today with an Address Search. Once you find them, you can also request their Email address or other information to help you reconnect.

How can I learn more about someone’s past? Since we have billions of historical records at our fingertips we can put together the most Comprehensive Background Check on anyone. Our background report shows you aliases, bankruptcies, tax liens and other hidden secrets from the past. We can also show you where to find all the profiles, blogs and other personal details people post online with a Social Networks Search.

Do you have ways to help keep my family safe? With so much historical data available we can give you important information that will help protect you and your family. We’ll tell you if someone you are doing business or socializing with has a Criminal Record, and if so, why. You can also learn if there are any registered sex offenders living near your home, work or school. PeopleFinders.com has the facts you need to help you make informed decisions.

There are many websites that provide basic information about people and public records, but at PeopleFinders.com our massive collection of historical data will give you the big picture about anyone. You can look deep into someone’s past, find people anywhere in the United States and have all of your questions answered in one place. It’s like having your own private investigator!

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